Poll Reveals What NC Voters Think of White House Hopefuls

Civitas Poll Highlights State’s Views of Trump, Hillary, Other Candidates

RALEIGH – A new Civitas poll reveals how registered NC voters view selected Republican presidential hopefuls when pitted against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a presidential ballot.

The same poll asked voters for their unprompted one-word responses when they heard the names “Donald Trump” and “Hillary Clinton.”

“Our latest poll is a good reminder that North Carolina remains a possible battleground state,” Civitas President Francis De Luca said. “That’s why we can expect the major presidential candidates to visit the state between now and the March primary election.”

The exact text of the relevant questions follows. (Totals may not equal 100 percent due to rounding.)

If the election for president were being held today, and you had to make a choice, for whom would you vote if the candidates were (RANDOMIZE): (ROTATE NAMES FOR EACH)

Civitas Graph

[In the following questions, respondents were asked, without prompts or suggestions, to give their responses. Their answers are grouped by answer type for convenience.]

What single word comes to mind when I mention the name “Donald Trump”?

14%     Narcissist/ Self-Centered/ Arrogant/ Pompous
13%     Clown/ Joke/ Buffoon
10%     Ignorant/ Idiot/ Moron
6%       Jerk/ Bully
6%       Annoying/ Obnoxious/ Loud/ Big Mouth
5%       Rich/ Money
5%       Dislike him (General)
5%       Crazy/ Nut
5%       Business/ Businessman
5%       Outspoken/ Speaks his mind
3%       Bold/ Powerful/ Strong
3%       Hair/ His appearance
3%       Honest/ Truthful
2%       Like him (General)
2%       Smart/ Brilliant
1%       Dishonest/ Untrustworthy
1%       Leader
1%       Winner
5%       Other
2%       None/ Nothing
1%       Don’t Know
1%       Refused

What single word comes to mind when I mention the name “Hillary Clinton”?

27%     Dishonest/ Untrustworthy/ Deceiving/ Liar
11%     Dislike her (General)
8%       Good/ Like her (General)
6%       Strong/ Hard worker/ Determined
6%       Crook/ Corrupt/ Criminal
5%       Experienced/ Qualified
4%       Intelligent/ Smart
4%       Promising/ Potential
3%       Idiot/ Incompetent
3%       Bill Clinton/ Her husband
3%       Arrogant/ Pompous
2%       Honest/ Trustworthy/ Authentic
2%       Sneaky/ Secretive/ Slick
2%       Politician
2%       Woman/ Feminine
2%       Weak/ Useless
1%       E-mail/ E-mail issue
1%       Joke
4%       Other
2%       None/ Nothing
2%       Don’t Know
1%       Refused

The poll surveyed 600 registered North Carolina voters, with 30 percent contacted on their cell phones. The margin of error is plus/minus 4 percent.