Postal Service To Recognize Archer Lodge Mailing Addresses

Beginning, Tuesday, Oct. 29th the US Postal Service will recognize Archer Lodge as a valid preferred last line for Clayton mailing addresses.

Currently, Town of Archer Lodge residents either have a Clayton or a Wendell mailing address.  Beginning Tuesday, residents who live in the Archer Lodge Town Limits and have a ‘Clayton, NC 27527’ mailing address can now use ‘Archer Lodge, NC 27527’.  The zip code will remain the same.

A direct mailer postcard from the USPS will be sent in November to the addresses that can start using Archer Lodge, NC.  Town officials said the change only applies to those in the city limits with a Clayton mailing address.  Citizens with a Wendell, NC 27591 address will still need to continue using Wendell for their city.

The Archer Lodge Town Hall has already fielded a number of telephone calls about the address change.  Officials said they are not getting their own post office, even though they would like to have one.  They also point out the new address is for those in the Archer Lodge Town Limits and not the Archer Lodge Fire District, which covers areas outside the town limits.

The USPS will still deliver mail that is addressed to Clayton, NC but town leaders are not sure for how long, so they encourage people to start the transition to Archer Lodge, NC 27527 as soon as possible, if it applies to you.

Residents with questions can contact the Archer Lodge Town Hall.