Repairs Underway On Colonial Pipeline Leak Near Clayton

Crews from several different agencies are on the scene today (Monday) of a leak in the Colonial Pipeline near Clayton.  Officials said they responded to a report of a product release late-Sunday night on Jennifer Drive, off Little Creek Church Road, between Clayton and Wilson’s Mills.

Upon notification, the pipeline was shutdown. Responders are on the scene this afternoon making repairs and cleaning up the spill.  Unconfirmed reports indicated diesel fuel spilled from the pipeline.  Officials would not confirm the type of fuel or the quantity.

Johnston County Emergency Services and the Wilson’s Mills Fire Department responded and are assisting Colonial Pipeline crews.

According to a media release from Colonial Pipeline, air monitoring has been set up and air quality has been deemed safe. Monitoring will continue.

Local traffic on Jennifer Drive has been redirected to ensure public safety and well as the safety of crews on the scene.  Local landowners who may be impacted are also being notified.

“Colonial Pipeline greatly appreciates the efforts of its response partners, including Johnston County Emergency Services and Wilson’s Mills Fire/Rescue in the effective management of this event,” according to the release.

According to a spokesperson, repairs should be completed by the end of the day today (Monday).

Colonial Pipeline Company, founded in 1962, connects refineries ­– primarily located in the Gulf Coast ­– with customers and markets throughout the Southern and Eastern United States. The company delivers refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, home heating oil, and fuel for the U.S. Military.

Photos by John Payne