School Board Updates CRT Policy

SMITHFIELD – The Johnston County Board of Education approved an updated Critical Race Theory (CRT) policy Friday morning during a virtual meeting.

The board passed the new policy in a 6-to-0 vote. Board member Kay Carroll was not in attendance.

The special called meeting was held to take action prior to the Monday, October 3rd meeting of the Johnston County Board of Commissioners.  Monday night, County Commissioners are expected to discuss funding an additional $7.9 million to the school system this fiscal year.

In June, commissioners withheld the $7.9 million from the 2021-2022 school system budget until the school board could pass an acceptable policy preventing the teaching of CRT in Johnston County public schools.

There have been several protests against the teaching of CRT in public schools and numerous parents and community leaders have spoken at school board meetings in recent months.

After the vote, Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government (CAAG) founder Dale Lands issued the following statement. “Citizen Advocates for Accountable Government is pleased that the Johnston County Board of Education worked together to pass a policy to prohibit the implementing of divisive principles of Critical Race Theory in the classroom, the approach used stands as an example of how diverse voices can work together for the betterment of the Students in our Public Schools. While it doesn’t incorporate all of the problems of Critical Theory, it is an adequate start and a direct contrast to the National School Boards Association (NSBA) letter to President Biden yesterday seeking to criminalize concerned parents. When School Boards listen and work with parents it serves the greater community and we are grateful Ron Johnson was able to facilitate bringing all sides to the table. Our School Boards should never fund organizations like the NSCA, or its affiliate North Carolina School Board Association that would attempt to silence the community, and we appeal to our School Board to defund any monies being spent with this private association until NSBA rescinds their request and issues an apology.”

Policy Code 5100 was amended to add several new sections including: “Racism causes damage to individuals and the community. When racism is present, it creates a lack of trust and respect. No student or staff member shall be subjected to the notion that racism is a permanent component of American life. No unequal value shall be placed on any race, gender, religion, ethnicity, social class, or any other identity group.”

Failure to comply with the policy will result in administrative action including possible dismissal.

After the vote to approve the new CRT policy, school board chairman Todd Sutton asked Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy forward a copy to County Manager Rick Hester and Commissioner Chairman Chad Stewart.

Sutton said he would be in attendance Monday night at the county commission meeting to ask for the additional $7.9 million funding for the school system.


  1. Excellent idea. The NCAE crowd is fear mongering that teachers will be targeted now, well don’t teach woke nonsense and you’ll have no issues. If you’re a teacher and scared that you will be targeted because you teach things like white privilege and how evil and bad our founders were, GOOD, you should be scared. You’re lying to and indoctrinating our kids. Stick to the facts, let the kids make up their own minds.

  2. Can anyone offer real, tangible proof than any teacher in Joco is actually teaching CRT. Actual proof. Not hearsay. Not media opinions meant to stoke fear. Actual Proof.

    • There was a list of teachers that were going to teach it even if there was legislation or a rule. It was mentioned on the Education First Alliance telegram app.

  3. Policy code 5100 has got to be the most laughable written policy that has ever been written. It doesn’t in any way even mention CRT is not to be taught, it only states that no one will experience racism “ No unequal value shall be placed on any race, gender, religion, ethnicity, social class, or any other identity group”. Where is the language that states it will not be taught?

    Tax Payers and Parents do you now see how this school board believes you are so ignorant that you will just believe that what is written in policy code 5100 has any enforceable language in it to keep the Teacher’s Union Teachers from teaching CRT?

    Tax Payers and Parents watch how the pseudo conservative chairman Chad Stewart will rush to dump that 7.9 million dollars into the school board bank account and Tony Braswell will be right at his side because he rents commercial property from Chad Stewart family and has to vote as he is told too.

    Tax Payers and Parents why would any of these so-called conservative commissioners vote to dump any of this 7.9 million dollars into the school board bank account? The school board fiancé personnel said they have $104,000,000.00 dollars of federal covid-19 funds that has to be spent by 2024 or they will lose the money. Tax Payers you watch how these Johnston County Commissioners that are married to Teacher’s Union Teachers will dump this 7.9 million dollars into the school board bank account and show how worried they are in doing permanent damage to the JCPS if they don’t. EVEN WITH $104,000,000.00 OF FEDERAL MONEY THAT THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEND BY 2024 !!!!!!

    • They certainly could use some of the fed money to build more schools since they keep growing our communities but that would make too much sense! How about teacher and other employee raises? How about more toilet paper and other supplies in the schools so the parents don’t have to always foot the bill on top of taxes? How about school supplies in the classrooms so parents don’t have to purchase 3 packs of everything only for those supplies to go to the “community supply” to offset those who can’t afford to purchase? Why does the tax payer always have to pick up the extra slack when the school system is sitting on so much money? I can think of plenty of great ways to appropriately spend the money in the schools.

  4. Tax Payers don’t forget the last time the pseudo conservative chairman Chad Stewart worked so hard at replacing the 3.8 million dollars that was missing from the school board bank account and then Covid-19 hit a month later and the JCPS would not come to work and educate your kids. Oh, what did the school board do with the money then? They gave everyone that wouldn’t come to work and educate your kids a $400.00 bonus and thumbed their nose right back at the Johnston County Commissioners. There is nothing like good leadership coming from the pseudo conservative Chad Stewart is there?

  5. Stick to the facts,really, the facts are that our founders were slave owners, America and its constitution provided for and supported slavery! Facts! An amendment was needed for black Americans to even vote! Truth! You can’t handle the truth! The history of this and every country is relevant to the sustainability of said country! Children don’t get to make up history, they should be taught the truth. What are you afraid of? Don’t worry covid is a hoax and Donald Trump is a god, and America is a knight on a shining hill! Keep sleeping, good night.

    • Shhhh. Don’t speak of things that we can’t handle. Sweep them under the rug and sugar coat it. Only talk about the positives of these people and history. No way someone could have both good and bad qualities. Makes no sense.

    • The constitution didn’t support and provide for slavery. All slaves were not black. Some indentured slaves were working off their debt for passage to America. Slaves were
      a part of of many countries’ culture, not just America. The children working for pennies in the early 20th century could have been called slaves. The migrant workers coming to work the farms can also be looked at as the same.
      But, you are not painting the true picture.
      The founding fathers may have been slave owners but they were normal farmers for that era. Times changed, move forward.

    • You mentioned blacks….but not women, nor other groups who eventually obtained the same freedoms in the Free Nation. CRT and BLM are Marxist socialist tools that NONE of us need in the US. Rejoice in freedom and keep it alive….by NOT pushing for division and distrust.

  6. Jean, Jean bless your heart, read the constitution, research the horrors of the slave trade in this country and around the globe! Women and men raped for the slave owners pleasure, laws preventing education or communication, a war fought that divided this nation, Jim crow followed, even up to 2021 systemic racism that you blindly say doesn’t exist, if the truth of this country was taught, America couldn’t handle it . And no I wont forget and move on! Ask the Jews to do the same, you will get a reckoning! Acknowledge your history and your current racism and make a feeble attempt to do better! Don’t tell me to move on! I’m praying every day to love people as your self and all of your inadequacies! Read a book, and turn fox news off! SFC MERVIN JONES RETIRED, AND STILL LOVES THIS COUNTRY THAT DESPISED ME SO MUCH!

  7. Folks, remember this in the 2024 election if $180-K-Carroll should decide to run again for the school board. When he was asked about this CRT policy by the liberal progressive WRAL he was more relaxed and let it be known he wasn’t in favor even for this week and unenforceable policy change. That’s right Tax Payers and Parents he is very much of in favor of the CRT. I quote from the liberal Progressive WRAL “ Carroll said that the policy changes were a “direct result of the critical race theory controversy and the threat from county commissioners to withhold full funding unless the policy pleased them.” He opposed the new changes and says the board meeting was called last minute, which is why he wasn’t able to attend”. You see these liberal progressive liberal will let their guard down with a like minded media outlet like WRAL so to show that he $180-K-Carroll is not like those back-woods red necks of Johnston County. As far as it being a last minute meeting, h*ll Todd Sutton let’s $180-K-Carroll take over these meeting as a unofficial chairman and no meeting ever happens with out all board members knowing before the event. Politically it seems as if $180-K-Carroll didn’t want to be on record as voting against this unenforceable policy? Tax payers why would any Johnston County Commissioner vote to turn over another 7.9 million dollars when the school board has $104,000,000.00 that they have to figure out how to spend before 2024 or lose it?

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