Selma Announces Plans For Zoning And Code Enforcement Blitz

Grass and Code Enforcement Committee will make weekly town wide compliance inspections 

The Town of Selma Zoning and Code Enforcement Office has announced the creation of a Grass and Code Enforcement Committee made up of multiple town departments as part of an overall Town appearance improvement effort.

The Committee will meet weekly and will conduct town wide inspections of residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and commercial properties for compliance with appearance standards contained in the Town’s appearance ordinances.

Of special interest are encouraging citizen cooperation with town ordinances requiring both trash and recycle receptacles, as well as keeping lawns mowed and parking cars off of the lawn in residential communities.

Under the Town’s ordinances residential receptacles and bins are allowed to be placed at the curb no earlier than 7:00PM the evening before designated pick up and are required to be returned to storage at the side or rear of the residence before 8:00 AM the day after pick up. Placing the receptacles away from parked vehicles and away from mailboxes is important as all services are easier to perform when access to the cans is made convenient to haulers.

Reminders of the town’s requirements will be placed on the receptacles and bins where violations are discovered, and fines of $25 for noncompliance will be enforced when citizens refuse to follow the regulations.

Selma Planning Director Randy Cahoon-Tingle

“This timely and organized approach should make great strides toward getting citizens to cooperate with our efforts to improve the appearance of Selma,” said Randy Cahoon-Tingle, the Town’s Planning Director. “As soon as growing season arrives, our phone begins to ring and the complaints of tall grass begin to increase.  Code enforcement is a priority for the Town and every resources will be used to ensure property owners are in compliance with all zoning and code enforcement ordinances.”

Multiple departments are involved in this effort to include the office of zoning and code enforcement, police, fire, public works and parks and recreation.

For questions regarding the program, trash or recycling bin storage requirements, or to report violations please contact Randy Cahoon-Tingle at 919-965-9841, extension 1006. Violations may also be reported using SeeClickFix, a free download for iPhones and Android mobile phones. Click here for details.