SSS Teacher Releases New Book

Off the Rails: Evangelicals, Power and Politics

Nothing raises eyebrows, and blood pressure like politics. And no single term in American politics has become as divisive as the name Evangelical. How did the word Evangelical become so polarizing? How did it become a political label? If you have asked these questions, wanted to ask these questions or wondered why people are asking these questions then this book is for you.

In Off the Rails: Evangelicals, Power and Politics, John Cabascango, author of Throwing Moses Under the Bus: A High School Teacher Looks at the Ten Commandments examines the involvement of Evangelicals in politics, but also the history of a movement that has gone from relative obscurity to an insider’s place of power in just a few decades.

John Cabascango teaches English and Spanish in the International Baccalaureate Program at Smithfield Selma High School and is an Adjunct Instructor of Writing at Johnston Community College. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Biblical Studies and a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies and TESOL from Wheaton College. In addition, he has a graduate certificate in Transnational and Multicultural Studies from East Carolina University. His previous book Throwing Moses Under the Bus: A High School Teacher looks at the Ten Commandments was released in 2019.

John lives in Clayton, NC with his wife Sherri, sons Esteban, Santiago, and Cristian.