Stuck Truck Temporarily Blocks Highway 39

Photo by John Payne

Highway 39 was completely blocked Monday morning after a tractor trailer nearly rolled over when the trailer tires left the roadway while making a sharp turn northbound on Highway 39 from Creech Church Road.

A southbound SUV attempted to drive around the stuck truck by cutting through a farm field but inadvertently drove into the same deep ditch which the truck had driven into.

The Queens, New York truck driver who was hauling a load of fresh food said that he ended up on the seldom traveled Creech Church Road after missing his exit. “That will be the last time I do that!,” the driver said.

Photo by John Payne

There were no injuries in the 7:00am incident. Antioch Fire Department was dispatched to reroute traffic.

It was not the first time a truck has ended up stranded in the deep drop off at that intersection. A similar incident happened at the same spot, two years ago.