Teen Driver Dies After Car Strikes Deer And Bridge

Photo by Thomas Honeycutt

The State Highway Patrol is investigating a single car crash that claimed the life of a teenager.

The collision was reported at 7:32am Sunday on Interstate 40 at the Cornwallis Road overpass in Johnston County.

Troopers said a Hyundai Elantra was traveling eastbound when it struck a deer. The car traveled off I-40 on the left hand side and struck a guardrail. The car then overturned striking the bridge column with the roof. The car came to rest at the base of the Cornwallis Road bridge.

Speed was a contributing factor.

The 18 year-old driver did not appear to be wearing a seat belt. He died at the scene. There were no passengers in the vehicle.


    • Distractions on the road are all too common these days, especially with smartphones and the constant urge some people have to be on social media.

      • Yes! I have been rear ended 2x in 4 years due to distracted drivers! Thankfully neither was horrible and life changing but it’s always in the back of my mind the next one could be.

        • I drive between Smithfield and Clayton a few times a week, and on that short trip I see some of the most idiotic drivers ever. People who don’t know not to stay out of the left lane, people who get within inches of your rear bumper, people speeding, driving without lights in the dark, you name it and I’ve seen it out there.

    • The distraction may have been simply the deer, but even at that, people need to learn not to swerve and lose control of the deadly weapon they are driving but maintain control of the vehicle.

  1. Vehicles are like loaded guns. They are not the enemy, you are. You have to know what you are doing and how to use them. Too many learn too late.

  2. Why are you people saying he was distracted. Unless I missed it, a deer jumped in front of his car and he hit it. Very disrespectful replies.

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