The Show Must Go On: Selma Will Hold All-American Fireworks Show July 2nd

SELMA – With many cities and towns canceling their fireworks celebrations and festivals this year, the Town of Selma announced today they will hold their All-American Fireworks Show on Thursday, July 2nd at 9:15pm.  They will not hold their usual Uptown Selma festival with children’s activities, vendors, and food trucks due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Selma All-American Fireworks Show. 2018 photo

“We wanted to give citizens and visitors alike something to celebrate in this time of continued restrictions and regulations,” said Selma Parks and Recreation Director Billy Roach. “We cannot think of a better way to celebrate our nation’s birth. Our fireworks show will give Selma citizens, their friends and neighbors something to enjoy and look forward to.”

The best area for viewing the fireworks this year will be in the vicinity of Highway 70 and Highway 301, also known as Catch-Me-Eye.

Selma Fire Chief Phillip McDaniel said anyone in the Catch-Me-Eye vicinity will be able to view the July 2nd fireworks with no problems. “We have a very unique area here at Catch-Me-Eye in that it encompasses two major highway with ample parking in the surrounding area to anyone wanting to come out and view the show.”

Onlookers are encouraged to practice social distancing and remain in their vehicles, if possible, for safe-distance viewing for the entire show.