The Top 10 Johnston County Baby Names Of 2015 Are…

Its a yearly tradition for Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive to announce the most popular baby names in the county for the previous year.

After searching through all the birth certificates for boys and girls born in Johnston County in 2015, Olive released the names to on Monday:

The Top 10 Boys Names:

1. William
2. Mason
3. Christopher / Daniel / Jayden (tied for 3rd)
6. Jacob
7. Jackson / Liam (tied for 7th)
9. Brayden
10. John

The Top 10 Girls Names

1. Ava
2. Allison / Emma / Paisley / Sophia (tied for 2nd)
6. Alexa
7. Abigail / Olivia (tied for 7th)
9. Adrian
10. Angel

Among other statistics in Johnston County in 2015: 1510 babies were born, 1181 deaths occurred, and 1083 marriages licenses were obtained.

“Due to our most up-to-date technology, this information was quickly obtained and provided,” Olive said. “Our office strives to provide the citizens of Johnston County with the best possible customer service.”