Town Agrees To Take Over Maintenance Of Lake Park Circle

Lake Park Circle in Smithfield. JoCoReport 2017 Photo

The Town of Smithfield will now be responsible for maintenance of Lake Park Circle in the Lake Park Villas community off Country Club Road.

The Homeowners Association of Lake Park approached the Town in April 2017 asking they assume ownership of the private two-lane street that travels through their subdivision.  The street is 15 years old.

The Town agreed last year to accept Lake Park Circle as a town-owned and maintained street if it was improved and brought up to current standards.

Among the improvements were repairs to several sections and set back requirements.

The road has been improved and the Town’s Public Works Director has approved the upgrades.

At the April 2017 meeting, several councilman questioned the need to take over maintenance.  “What is the advantage to the Town for taking financial responsibility in the future,” Councilman Roger Wood asked at the time. Town Manager Michael Scott replied, “There is no economic advantage to the town.”

Dr. Dennis Koffer, a resident of Lake Park Circle, spoke in favor of the road ownership in 2017 tell the council none of the 32 property owners send any children to public schools, are not calling police on a regular basis, and don’t have much need for city services, yet contributes an estimated $36,000 in property to Smithfield each year.

The Smithfield Town Council voted Nov. 6th to formally accept Lake Park Circle as a town owned and maintained street effective immediately. The street and homes in Lake Park Villas are within the town limits and pay Smithfield property taxes.   The town will now be responsible for future repairs and maintenance, snow removal and street cleaning.