Two-Thirds Of North Carolinians Worry About Side Effects Of COVID Vaccine

By Andrew Dunn
Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — Nearly two-thirds of North Carolinians worry about harmful side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, even as a growing majority say they’ll take it to get back to normal life.

A new public opinion survey released by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services reported that more than a quarter of North Carolinians say they have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The state says about 40% of adults have been at least partially vaccinated, but a significant percentage of the state is remaining cautious about its effects.

In the survey, 53% of respondents said they would “definitely” get the vaccine, most of whom already had. Another 16% said they would “probably” get it.

Twenty-one percent said they would definitely not get the vaccine, with an additional 13% saying they would probably not get it.

Still, 63% of North Carolinians said they worry about harmful side effects, and a majority said they don’t want to be a “test case” for a new drug. A slight majority of black North Carolinians said they would not get the vaccine or weren’t sure.

According to the survey, the top reason for people’s willingness to take the vaccine is a return to normalcy — “to get life back to normal, get people back to work, kids in school and people back together at events and celebration,” as the questioners put it.

It is unclear how many people need to receive the vaccine before Gov. Roy Cooper will end the severe restrictions on public gatherings and businesses. He has only said that vaccines “get us closer” to moving past the pandemic.

The state Democratic Party is going further. The party posted a message implying the state can’t return to normal until all people are vaccinated.

“The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to safely gathering with loved ones,” the party wrote on Twitter.

The state’s vaccination efforts hit a hiccup this week. Clinics in Wake and Orange counties halted distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Thursday after more than a dozen recipients had “adverse reactions.”

In the survey, most people did not state a preference for which vaccine they would like. Of those who did, 56% said they wanted the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


  1. I don’t blame anyone who gets it, but not knowing how many aborted embryos (kids) was used in developing this shot that the government and the news media are protecting when the bad news of folks falling ill after taking it. I will pass and let someone else get this vaccine that was created out of scare tactics and oddly COVID-19 will never go away. It is to useful as a political emergency and if it was that bad why open the southern border and allow 2/3 of South America to relocate to the United States? Oh, because your property taxes will pay for their education and soon it will be so high you will be glad to give up all you private property in order to save what money you have left. It just part of the big plan folks.

  2. “…2/3 of South America to relocate to the United States…”

    Spice please? There’s more then 400 million people in South America. No possible way that 2/3 have located to the USA

  3. “The state Democratic Party is going further. The party posted a message implying the state can’t return to normal until all people are vaccinated.”

    So, even though I have gotten my first shot and will get the second shot soon, I will not be able to have my normal life back because some ignorant people refuse to get it??? Let those who won’t get it stay in their basements forever but let those of us with the good sense to get vaccinated go back to our normal lives! This is utter nonsense!!

    • Just because someone decides to NOT get the vaccine does not make them ignorant. the same thing could be said for you to take an untried EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. YOU be a guinea pig if YOU want.

  4. Not sure what spice please means Mark S, but the source will have to be posted when the reality has happened. Come on man, don’t you get it. Isn’t that what dementia Joe says? No way I will take this vaccination and many others want ether. Aborted fetuses (dead kids) shooting into my arm, I think not!

  5. You guys believe the propaganda of the government controlled Democratic national news media for real? The National news media is nothing but the strong arm of the Democratic Party. Open borders to flood this county with COVID-19 that is supposed to be so bad and then trying to spend the country into an unrecoverable financial situation, this is done to remake the country and it more serious than most can even imagine.

    • I like what you say on local politics, but this stuff ^^^^ just doesn’t add up… Employment rates continue to rise (we have 6 open recs, all starting at $39/hr), the stock market continues to outperform (my portfolio is up 17% YTD)…. Why the doom and gloom?

  6. They have said in their own documentation that even after being fully vaccinated you still have to wear a mask, you still have to social distance and you are NOT immune from catching this ‘covid’. If IMMUNITY is not the point, then this is NOT a vaccine. Ask yourself what is it and what is the REAL point. Who is funding it and why are they so adamant that YOU GET THIS SHOT? Never before in the history of the planet have healthy, non symptomatic people been quarantined and led to believe they could be transmitters of something they show NO signs of having. Let’s remove from power ANY who have been bought by the Chinese and any other COMMUNISTS.

  7. This is about money and control, plain and simple. No one has had to pay for the vaccine, so where is Pharma getting the money from? Are they doing this for free out of the goodness of their hearts? No. They’re being paid by the government. But with so many people still refusing, where’s Pharma going to get their money from? The solution- Covid Passports. The shot is “only” a requirement if you want to go to work, travel, enter a store. People are forced to get it to go about their daily lives. Remember in 2020 when we said passports would be next, and we were told we were conspiracy theorists? And now those same people who made fun of us are advocating for them.
    Go to the doctor and have your Vitamin D levels checked. Start taking a supplement. Eat a healthy diet, exercise, and take care of your body. Studies have consistently shown that Vitamin D levels in Covid deaths are low. Even Fauci said he takes a daily supplement. Scandinavian countries check citizen levels twice a year. Focus on bodily health and your immune system instead of hiding inside and then wondering why you’re sick all the time.

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