Watch Out For Scam Emails That Appear To Be From Your Boss

The email appears to be from your boss who needs your help to throw a surprise party for the staff. The email instructs you to go buy gift cards for all of your co-workers but you have to keep it a secret.

That’s the email a Clayton man received last week.  He thought it was from his employer in Cumberland County but he didn’t realize it wasn’t until it was too late.

The victim went to a local WalMart and purchased eight $200 gift cards.  He then provided what he thought was his boss the card numbers.  Later he became suspicious and called his employer and realized he had been scammed.

Upon a closer check of the email address, it was very similar but different. The victim in this case lost $1,600.

The scammers appear to be doing some research about the business before sending the email.  Finding the suspect in this case will be difficult if not impossible.

Authorities are using this incident as an opportunity to warn others about the phishing scam.