West Johnston Art Teacher Showcases Work On Raleigh Bus

West Johnston High Art Teacher Frank Kreacic stands behind the Raleigh bus which features his art.
West Johnston High Art Teacher Frank Kreacic stands behind the Raleigh bus which features his art.

Story by Ashlynn Payne, student journalist, WJHS Scratchpost editor

West Johnston High School art teacher Frank Kreacic took art to another dimension when “SWR in the 21st Century” made its debut recently, during Artsplosure, a city-wide art festival in Raleigh.

This two-sided, 3D digital sketch which was applied to a city bus will stay on the streets of Raleigh for the next six months.

“There was a group of individuals, there were 40 applicants and 10 selected for the bus wraps,” said Clyde Lundy, the chairman of Raleigh Art Commission.  “There were also two alternate artists on place cards on all of the 100 buses.”

Kreacic’s artwork medium is a three-dimensional resin painting. His inspiration for SWR in the 21st Century came from old comic books, the ones before the super heroes of today’s movies. 

“I enjoy the classic adventure serials and science fiction stories that inspired George Lucas and Steven Spielberg” Kreacic said.  I also look to the works of Roy Lichtenstein and contemporary artist, Nobu Fukui.”

To achieve a full understanding of what he sees, viewers place 3D Chromadepth glasses on to get an enhanced effect. 

“When looking at my paintings, the physical layering of the paint off the canvas creates movement as you walk by.  Once you place Chromadepth 3D glasses on, the effect is intensified,” Kreacic said. “The glasses make my artwork take on another life.”

Another artist, Rich Gurnsey, has animation inspired art plastered on a bus as well. He has competed in this competition two years in a row.

“The competition is really awesome. It’s is mobile and reaches a really wide audience. You never know when it’s going pop up,” said Kreacic.

Lundy volunteers with Artsplosure because of his love of art and his desire to share it with Raleigh.

“I have a great interest in art and the creative process. This was one way I give back to the city because I feel it’s very important for art to be recognized in all its different facets,” said Lundy. “There are so many outlets for art and we need to support it.”

This is not the only show Kreacic has entered, and it will not be the last. “The Dark Chamber” was a part of the Artfields Art Festival recently held in Lake City, S.C.   He competed with 400 other artists. In June, Kreacic will find out if his art will be presented at the Minnesota Vikings football stadium.

“I am currently creating a new resin painting inspired by my bus design. This is just the beginning,” Kreacic said.