Women Fight Over Shopping Cart

Could the rush to get a jump start on holiday shopping have caused two women to fight over a shopping cart?  Smithfield Police did not release a motive but confirmed to WTSB News / JoCoReport.com that they responded to a disturbance between two female shoppers in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Smithfield Wednesday afternoon.

Police Captain R.K. Powell said a female approached another lady in the parking lot because she did not return her shopping cart to the correct location.  One of the women then shoved the other person then left.  Police were called. The lady who left the scene returned while officers were still there.

Captain Powell said the two women worked out their differences and both parties declined to press any charges. Police also noted no one was injured. 

Two women were charged in Pennsylvania in 2012 during an altercation over a shopping cart.

In Florida, a 77 year-old man was charged with attacking a 65 year-old man with his shopping cart because he had exceeded the limit of 20 items for an express lane inside a Wal-Mart store.