1 Shot, 4 Severely Beaten In Altercation Between Rival Motorcycle Clubs

CLAYTON – An altercation between two motorcycle clubs led to the shooting of one person and four others being severely beaten.

It happened around 9:45pm Wednesday at the Cleveland Draft House at 461 Shotwell Road in the Clayton city limits. Police were dispatched to a report of a shooting and fight in progress.

Clayton Police said the first officer to arrive discovered numerous people with injuries in the parking lot of the restaurant and began to render medical aid and collect information from witnesses.

Johnston County EMS responded and began treating the injures.

Police said there was an apparent dispute between members of the Pagans motorcycle club and members of the Red Devils motorcycle club while sitting in an outside patio area of the restaurant that spilled over into the parking lot. It is believed that members of other motorcycle clubs may have also been present.

One Red Devil member was found with a gunshot to the upper thigh area and transported to Wake Medical Center in Raleigh. He has been identified as Dalton Emmanuel Lapierre, 26, of Clayton.

Four Pagan members were found severely beaten in the head and face areas and were also transported to Wake Medical Center in Raleigh. They are identified as Kenneth John Keisler, 49, of Wendell, NC; Charles Joseph Nagy, 48, of Richmond, Virginia: Joddy Lee Grider, 50, of Clayton, NC; and Michael Earl Neibert, 44, of Raleigh, NC.

Investigators seized a motorcycle and a pickup truck during the investigation along with numerous firearms and blunt force instruments believed to have been used in the assaults.

Clayton Police detectives are continuing to investigate this incident and identify witnesses. At this time, no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Clayton Police at 919-553-4611.


  1. Biden’s America everybody.

    The democrats sanctioned lawlessness right here in our own backyard.

    It’ll only get worse before it gets better……

    • You’re an idiot if you believe this has anything to do with Biden being president. Way to generalize people.

    • What? This is a trolling attempt, right? Are you telling us that there was no violence in JoCo between 2016 and 2020? Biden created biker gangs? What is the point that you are trying to make?

  2. How ridiculous. This is Clayton, not the wild west. It’s crazy that adults can’t behave like adults these days and have to resort to violence. It’s no wonder people think guns are terrible.

    • Guns are not terrible. However some people are terrible. A gun is an object. The same as a fork. That fork didn’t make me have a fat belly. Its me picking that fork up and using it. That’s what I don’t understand about people always blaming the gun. The gun cant do anything without help. Also more gun control isn’t going to help anything. The people that commit the crimes don’t follow the laws anyway. It will only hurt the law abiding gun owner. The criminals will still have there illegal guns. What needs to happen is when these people that are felons or commit gun crimes get caught they should get more than a slap on the wrist. That’s part of the problem. In my opinion…

      • Exactly! I wish more people would understand that. Some gun control can help, but what we need is stronger enforcement of the laws when gun violence is involved. People get off way too easy these days.

  3. Dnt try to blame it on Biden or democrats, when you have ignorant people that act like animals this is what happens and I bet you they wasn’t black this time.

    • Well the democrats did for a fact support, back and defend BLM and Antifa while they were destroying property and lives. Democrats were in the forefront fund raising to get these terrorist out of jail and even to the point of having the charges dropped.

      Don’t tell me that democrats is a peaceful group after how many deaths were done aka the riots and building take over, last count 25 people were either gunned down or beating to death by BLM and Antifa. How many billions in property damages. How many black communities were burned to the ground.

      So yes democrats had its dirty Traitor hands in all this crap.

  4. Oh Great! Some Sons Of Anarchy BS right here in my hometown… I just love how much JoCo has grown and the people that have invaded this county!

  5. All you people are so shallow… you know this has nothing to do with any kind of politics… get over people… right and left.. This is also not about gun violence,,, most in this incident were beaten..

    • Most =/= all. There was gun violence here. A person was shot outside a restaurant in Clayton. Whoever had the gun does not deserve to have one. If a club altercation can’t end without violence then there’s something wrong.

  6. Those bikers have been sitting on their motorcycles too long and the fumes have burned up what brain cells they have left lol. So ridiculous that people can’t get along because one person wears a different color than the other and they have to use a gun to settle disputes in a restaurant nonetheless go find an empty parking lot somewhere Instead of a restaurant don’t make your problems everyone else’s problems jerks.

  7. I’m surprised the name of the gangs didn’t phase anyone commenting on here. A 26 year old Pagan shot, and four middle aged Red Devils beaten severely. With names like that for their biker clubs, I’m not at all surprised that they resorted to violence.

    • Leila you should re read the article the 26 year old was a red devil and the pegans were the ones that were beaten. I grew up with pegans MC and this is not In their nature. I’m sure the Red Devils are a bunch of loud mouth punks trying to make a name for themselves. And I would put money that the young man shot himself in the leg trying to pull a weapon that he thought made him feel big and bad. It as clubs like Red Devils that give real MC BAD names. MC clubs aren’t like they used to be but some kids just can’t let the bad boy

      • You obviously don’t know as much about the MC community as you think you do. If you grew up around clubs you’d know the Red Devils are a well established club and don’t need to make a name for themselves… And two.. it’s spelled Pagans 😂


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