3 Shelters Opening At 8:00PM Wednesday

UPDATED 4:30PM Monday – The 3 shelters will now open at 8:00pm Wednesday, Sept. 12th.

Smithfield – Johnston County officials have announced plans to open 3 shelters for residents in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Florence.

Shelters will open at 10:00am Thursday at West Johnston High School at 3935 Raleigh Road, Benson; North Johnston Middle School at 435 Oil Company Road, Micro; and Benson Middle School at 1600 N. Wall Street, Benson.

Residents who anticipate evacuating to a shelter should gather their personal items to include bedding, medication, comfort and personal hygiene items; infant supplies such as formula, bottles, disposable diapers and pacifiers; and important personal documents.  Items that will not be allowed at the shelters include pets, alcoholic beverages and weapons of any type.

West Johnston High School has been designated as a pet friendly shelter.  Those seeking shelter at this location will be able to bring their pets; however, the pets will not be allowed to roam freely throughout the school.  There will be a designated location where the pets will be housed.

County officials encourage residents to take all precautionary measures possible should Hurricane Florence impact Central North Carolina.  Please continue to monitor radio, television and social media for further updates.