$7,240 Bracelet Stolen During Snatch And Grab Robbery

SMITHFIELD – Police are looking for a suspect who stole an expensive bracelet from a jewelry store. The theft happened at 5:55pm Monday at Zales Outlet on Outlet Center Drive.

Smithfield Police said a man walked into the store and asked to see several men’s bracelets. While being shown a $7,240 bracelet, the suspect grabbed it from an employee and ran out the door. The man fled in white or light gray SUV with NC license plate. The suspect was a black male, 5 foot 8, in his late-40s to early-60s, wearing a COVID style mask, hat, and glasses.

The employee was not injured.

In August, a necklace valued at $19,380 was stolen from the same jewelry store during another snatch and grab robbery. Investigators haven’t said if the two cases could be connected.


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