Amended Town Code Targets Outdoor Storage Of Used Tires

Smithfield Planning Director Stephen Wensman

“All businesses must comply immediately” 

In the last few years, a number of small used tire shops have opened in the Smithfield city limits.  Some of the businesses reportedly store used and scrap tires in plain sight, while others comply with town codes.

On February 4th, the Smithfield Town Council amended a subsection of their Town’s Garbage, Trash and Refuse Code increasing regulations for businesses that any type of outdoor used tire storage.

Planning Director Stephen Wensman said there are numerous aesthetic, health, safety and welfare issues with the storage of used tires, primarily in business corridors.  Wensman said used tires are not only unsightly, but they can collect water, attract mosquitoes, lower property values and detract from the overall appearance of properties.

The newly amended code now requires used and scrap tires to be screened from the public view when outdoors.  The tires can be stored on racks or neatly stacked not to exceed 10 feet in height, or they can be in a roll-off front-load dumpster, or other metal storage container or trailer not to exceed 8x13x45 feet. The tires must also be covered and shielded from rainwater.   Containers are limited to one per business and they cannot be located in a parking area.  Tire storage trailers can only be parked on paved surface areas and must be emptied on a regular basis.

Any outdoor storage areas for tires must be screen by a 6 to 8 foot high opaque durable fence or wall.  Tire storage dumpsters must be screened on 3 sides by a durable opaque fence, wall or solid vegetative buffer.

Wensman said the new tire ordinance would be enforced by Code Enforcement and that no businesses will be grandfathered.  “All tire businesses must comply immediately.”

Town Attorney Bob Spence said the purpose is to set a single standard for everyone and to require safety with the outdoor storage.

Businesses found to be in violation can be fined $50 per day.   The ordinance was unanimously approved and went into effect immediately.