Arrest Made In 2021 Forgery Case

PRINCETON – Following a lengthy investigation, the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has charged a Mount Olive man in a 2021 forgery case. An additional arrest is pending.

Michael Jay Warren, age 38, of Highway 55 East, Mount Olive, was arrested December 23, 2022 and charged with three counts of forgery, one count of felony conspiracy, misdemeanor possession of stolen property, and misdemeanor larceny.

On October 19, 2021, a manager at Atlas Auto Sales at 1037 Edwards Road, Princeton reported several business checks had been stolen. Later, one of the stolen checks had reportedly been made payable to Michael Jay Warren and cashed at an area bank.

Warren was transported to the Johnston County Jail and given a $40,000 secured bond on the six criminal charges.


  1. Why did this take so long to make arrest? The check most certainly cleared within days revealing the fraudster. He probably committed many frauds in the entire year since he thought he got away with this one. I know wheels of Justice go slow but come on. I don’t see the difficulty in this investigation.

  2. First of all this is my brother and chuck if you dont know what you are talking about then dont speak about it .I know my brother and i know for a fact that my brother did not do this all on his own and for the investigation purposes he is a great person and if anyone knows my brother they will know how good hearted of a person he is there is no way in hell my brother did this all on his own i dont know whats going to happen but i hope and pray that someone will see the good in him. He has lost his wife due to death and his grandfather that he has yet been able to be notified about his passing i pray that the courts will see the good in micheal because he is not a bad person he is loved by many and missed we donbt have the money to bond her out and we really need him out . i pray that my brother is okay and i pray that my brother is seen as a person that has been hurt in his life and its buit up frustrastion and hurt .
    HE needs help not punishment i love my brother and for you chuck to seem like you know him and dont you have no right to voicebyour stupid opinion

    • But you don’t deny that your brother did it, you say he didn’t do it on his own. I know plenty of people that have fallen on hard times and haven’t turned to crime so yeah trying to excuse his criminal behavior because of a tragedy makes no sense and lessens his loss. Maybe if all those that love him would make him live his life right he wouldn’t have been in jail to start with. Food for thought.

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