Attempted Armed Carjacking Reported At Convenience Store

WILSON’S MILLS – A suspect who attempted to steal a vehicle at gunpoint in a convenience store parking lot is behind bars. It started at 3:52am Thursday at the Handy Mart at 3657 Wilson’s Mills Road at the intersection of US Highway 70.

Wilson’s Mills Police Chief A.Z. Wiliams said the victim had stopped at the Handy Mart to get gas. The suspect, dressed in a black hoodie and black shorts, attempted to take the victim’s pickup at gunpoint stating “drop your car keys to the ground” as he pulled a pistol from his waistband.

The victim replied “Heck no!” as he stepped away from the armed suspect and dialed 911 as he retreated inside the convenience store.

The suspect jumped into a dark color Volvo and fled from the parking lot headed westbound on US 70. The victim said nothing was taken from him, however, the suspect broke the back window out of his pickup before he left.

Chief Williams said the victim thought he had been followed from Raleigh as he traveled east on US70 to the Handy Mart in Wilson’s Mills.

Johnston County deputies, hearing the armed robbery call, responded to the area and quickly located the Volvo speeding westbound on the US70 Clayton Bypass. The vehicle fled from deputies and within minutes the chase had entered Wake County.

The driver of the Volvo crashed in Raleigh. The driver fled on foot and escaped apprehension. The passenger, the carjacking suspect, was caught.

Ramces Alejandro Lopez-Flores, age 18, of Durham was charged with attempted armed robbery with a deadly weapon, resisting a public officer, and injury to personal property. Lopez-Flores was held under a $111,000 secured bond at the Johnston County Jail. He had three orders for his arrest on failure to appear charges when he was captured.

Authorities are still working to identify the driver of the getaway vehicle.


  1. if all the people who had legal guns gave them up the criminals with illegal guns would rule the world! Not the world I would want to live in.

    I’m with Brett… it’s exactly why everyone needs a gun!

  2. Sorry Dan. If regular folks all had guns then criminals would either think twice or after thinking twice… he decided to do it anyway, hopefully never the victim would make it so the criminal would never be able to think again. The areas with the highest “LEGAL” gun ownership have the lowest crime.

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