Billboards Call On Teachers To Leave NCAE, Get A $500 Raise

Photo by Carolina Journal

By Mitch Kokai
Carolina Journal

A statewide campaign launched by the John Locke Foundation — publisher of The Carolina Journal  urges public school teachers to save $500 in dues each year by leaving the partisan N.C. Association of Educators.

The billboards are present in high-population areas of the state, including the two largest school districts of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Wake County Public Schools. The campaign includes a digital component at, in which teachers receive instructions on how to cut ties with the self-described teachers union.

“It’s great that this campaign is letting public school teachers know they have options other than the NCAE,” said Amy Marshall, founder of the recently formed Carolina Teachers Alliance, a professional organization that has positioned itself as an alternative to the NCAE. “I’ve heard from so many teachers that the NCAE does not represent their values.”

Membership dues in the NCAE vary by school district and role but, for the 2021-22 school year, the organization was charging $586 a year for a full-time teacher in Wake County. Professional membership in Carolina Teachers Alliance is about half as much at $299.88 a year.

Marshall said membership in the Carolina Teachers Alliance has been steadily building since its official launch statewide in April. In addition to differentiating itself from the NCAE on price, the organization also parts ways on major policy issues: It supports school choice while prioritizing public school improvement, supports law enforcement, and advocates to keep public schools open and accessible during the pandemic.

The NCAE has been hemorrhaging membership for the past decade. Since the 2010-11 school year, the organization’s active membership dropped nearly 59%, and its revenue was cut in half — from $11 million to $5.8 million.

“The John Locke Foundation embraces diversity of thought,” Locke president Donald Bryson says in a statement. “We are pro-teacher. We believe educators should have the freedom to affiliate as they see fit, and we believe that the NCAE stopped representing the best interests of teachers and students long ago, in exchange for partisan gains.”


  1. Does anyone know if the Teacher’s Union Teacher wife of our Johnston County Commissioner’s Chairman has given up her membership yet? How about that other Johnston County Commissioner that is married to a Teacher’s Union Teacher, has she gave up her membership too? All it would take is for them to publicly denounce this Teacher Union, what you want to bet they stay very quiet on this issue? Parents and Tax Payers when they don’t denounce this Teacher’s Union I have to believe they must support it?

  2. How many of “The Squad of CRT Cult” or the Johnston County School Board are members of the Teacher’s Union? When Terri Seasion announced she was running for the Johnston County School Board she so proudly listed that she was a NCAE – Member, Treasurer, President and also NCAE – Chairman of State Committee (Women’s Concerns and Leadership). Parents and Tax Payers do you see now why they have no respect for you or your free money? That is why the useless mask are on and they are going to stay on by orders of the Johnston County Teacher Union Authority!!!

    • First, and this is simple math, $300 is less than $500. And that’s assuming you want to join an organization at all. If you don’t join an organization at all, then you keep all $500 to yourself.

  3. It’s funny that John Locke Foundation calls NCAE partisan. Isn’t that the pot calling the lettle black?! It is important for folks to know more about this newly created teacher alliance. It is a project supported by Mark Robinson and highly connected to conservative activists. The President of this group teaches at an online Christian school and her profile says the person she would like to meet most is Donald Trump. Her twitter consists of retweets of Mark Robinson and Phil Berger. The group’s vice president is Sandy Joiner. She was deeply involved with the MVP Math lawsuit in Wake County. The group’s officers are not experts in education. Look them up. I wonder where they got their start up money.

  4. Catherine Truitt, current NC Supt of Public Instruction and Lt Gov Mark Robinson back this “alternative” Teacher Union. That tells you all you need to know since both are seat fillers for Berger, Moore, Tillis snd the NC GOP. Their reign as dictators continues.

  5. Catherine Truitt, current NC Supt of Public Instruction and Lt Governor Mark Robinson back this “alternative”Teacher Union. Truitt lists her experience as being a teacher from Johnston County. That tells you all you need to know about this group. This is another way for NC GOP to continue act as the dictators they’ve become. Truitt and Robinson are their seat fillers taking their orders. They are destroying traditional K-12 Schools in real time.

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