Board Votes 3-to-1 On Elevated Water Tank At Archer Lodge Middle

ARCHER LODGE – The Archer Lodge Town Council gave final approval to a 500,000-gallon elevated water storage tank on the Archer Lodge Middle School property. The vote, however, was not unanimously.

At a special called November 15th meeting, the Town Council voted 3-to-1 to approve a special use permit from the County of Johnston to construct the water tank on the southern corner of the school property. Councilmember Mark Wilson voted against the application because of its location. The permit from the Archer Lodge Town Council was necessary because the school is located in the town limits.

It was a good thing the town council approved the request. Four months earlier, in July 2021, Johnston County Commissioners had already approved a $2 million bid for construction. Including engineering and technical services, the elevated water tank will cost taxpayers just over $2.3 million.

Earlier this year, Johnston County Public schools approved an easement across their property to the water tower’s future location. Officials said it will not have any impact on operations at Archer Lodge Middle. It is being built in an area that is vacant and not needed for school purposes.

Johnston County will use the water tank to serve public water customers in the rapidly growing Archer Lodge and northern Johnston County areas. There is already an existing 300,000 gallon elevated water tank in the area, near the Archer Lodge Fire Department.