Chase With Stolen Car Ends With Violent Crash, Juvenile Suspect Captured After Manhunt

A stolen blue Chevy Camaro fleeing from law enforcement officers slammed into a utility pole, snapping it in half, on US 70 at Wilson’s Mills Road in Wilson’s Mills on September 11, 2023. The driver jumped and ran. He was captured about 45 minutes later in a field on Wilson’s Mills Road Extension. Johnston County Report Photo

WILSON’S MILLS – A 17 year-old juvenile is in custody after leading law enforcement officers on a high speed chase.

This morning (Monday), employees at a business on Sadisco Road near Clayton noticed several suspicious people. The suspects reportedly stole four high performance vehicles from the lot and sped away. The stolen vehicles included a Dodge Charger, Dodge Charger Hellcat, Chevrolet Camaro, and Chevrolet Corvette.

A utilty pole is leaning and power is out at the intersection of US 70 and Wilson’s Mills Road as Wilson’s Mills Fire and Wilson’s Mills Police detour traffic. Johnston County Report Photo

Johnston County deputies spotted the stolen Camaro eastbound on US 70. Officers attempted to stop the speeding vehicle but the driver refused to pull over.

At the intersection of US70 and Wilson’s Mills Road, in the construction zone, the juvenile driver lost control and slammed into a utility pole, causing the pole to snap, and pull down power lines across US 70.

Multiple law enforcement vehicles are shown in a driveway on Wilson’s Mills Road extension as officers search for the driver of a stolen car. Johnston County Report Photo

The teen suspect jumped and ran behind the Family Dollar store. Following an extensive manhunt, the juvenile was caught in a field off Wilson’s Mills Road Extension. The 17 year-old suspect, from the Charlotte, NC area, was not injured in the crash. He will face multiple charges.

A 17 year-old juvenile is handcuffed after his apprehension in a field off Wilson’s Mills Road Extension. The suspect fled on foot after crashing a stolen car during a high speed chase. Johnston County Report Photo

Authorities are working to locate the three other stolen vehicles.

The accident closed east and westbound lanes of US 70 while power lines and power poles were replaced. All the lanes are expected to reopen by 3:00pm.

Johnston County Report Photo

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  1. I’ve heard that juveniles are basically let off the hook when stealing cars. That’s why gangs and such use them so often. Truth or not? I haven’t looked into it, but it does make sense.

  2. Until we start holding PARENTS responsible (legally & financially) for their minor children, nothing will changes. We spent so much time & effort making sure parents are informed if their child wants to use a different pronoun at school or making sure boys don’t play on a girl’s basketball team– the parents of these hooligans deserve the same. I bet if the parents were billed for the cost of the cars and spent time in jail, things would change quickly! But the sheeple are too confused by terms like CRT to know they’re being taken advantage of! #WakeUp

  3. They don’t and the adult criminals put the juvees up to the B & E’s too. They get the benefit of a slap on the hand and can continue their education on their career of lawlessness

  4. Many of you may not like what I am about to post but it is my feelings. At seventeen a person knows right from wrong. This punk knew what he was doing was wrong. He could have killed an innocent person or a Deputy. Thank God none of them was hurt. As far as the kid goes, I feel that it is a shame that self-justice was not served on himself. He is a punk at this age, so his future does not look verry bright. I have no patience for animals like this so self-justice would have taken care of this problem for all. This Country (that I love) is turning into a gutter, and I hate it. Thank God for our LEOs for the thankless job that they do. By the way, while I was driving today, I saw a State Trooper changing a flat tire for a woman on Hwy 70 on the Johnston / Wayne County line in this heat. Above and beyond the call of duty. It made me feel good.

  5. We’ve set up the whole society to really not have any true accountability. We want it for everybody else unless it happens to somebody that we know and then we don’t want them to be held accountable…. and for some reason we can’t figure out the problem🤷‍♀️

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