Commissioners Reject Mini Storage Business

FOUR OAKS – The operator of a McGee’s Crossroads area mini-storage business was denied a rezoning permit needed to open a new mini-storage and outside storage facility several miles away. John Nunziato with Paganello-Nunziato Family LLC had petitioned the Johnston County Board of Commissioners to rezone 6.17 acres at the intersection of Highway 210 and Lassiter Road outside of Four Oaks for the new storage business.

Mr. Nunziato told commissioners he was proposing an approximately 40,000 square foot mini-storage facility plus additional outside storage on the property. Nunziato said he had lived in the county for 19 years and had 5 businesses and never received a citation for any issues.

During the May 3rd commission meeting, one neighbor expressed concerns about lighting. During the March 16th planning board meeting, three neighbors spoke with concerns.

In a 6-to-1 vote, commissioners rejected the rezoning case indicating most applicants request a Special Use Permit, which allows restrictions to be placed on the operation, including lighting and hours of operation guidelines. The Board told Nunziato he was welcome to reapply but suggested he seek a special use permit the next time he appears.

Commissioner Larry Wood voted against the denial.


  1. Message from our County Commissioners: Unless you’re Amazon, bringing in 500 jobs, we don’t want your business.

    I hope everyone remembers this on November!

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