Cooper Signs Executive Order Protecting Abortion In N.C. After Dobbs

Gov. Roy Cooper signing Executive Order 263. Source:

By David Larson
Carolina Journal

After the decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health by the U.S. Supreme Court, women in North Carolina are no longer guaranteed a federal constitutional right to abortion. But Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper took executive action Wednesday to ensure state workers under his control do nothing to support challenges to the controversial procedure.

Executive Order 263, released July 6, would apply only to Cabinet agencies under the governor’s authority. It would not apply to other state agencies, such as those controlled by the elected members of the Council of State, the General Assembly, state courts, or local governments.

The order takes a number of steps towards Cooper’s goal:

  • Section 2 directs cabinet agencies under Cooper’s control to “coordinate with each other and pursue opportunities to protect people or entities who are providing, assisting, seeking, or obtaining lawful reproductive health care services in North Carolina.”
  • Section 3 says that cabinet agencies cannot help with any civil or criminal investigation surrounding “the provision of, securing of, receipt of, or any inquiry concerning reproductive health care services that are legal in North Carolina.”
  • Section 4 says that “to the maximum extent permitted” Cooper will use his discretion to “decline requests for the extradition of any person charged with a criminal violation in another state where the violation alleged arises out of the inquiry into, provision of, assistance with, securing of, or receipt of reproductive health care services that are lawful in North Carolina, unless the acts forming the basis of the prosecution of the crime charged would also constitute a criminal offense under North Carolina law.”
  • Section 5 allows for pregnant Cabinet employees to avoid travel to states that don’t have abortion exceptions for the health of the mother.
  • Section 6 directs the N.C. Department of Public Safety to work with local law enforcement and with abortion providers to ensure access to clinics.

Cooper was joined by Democrat Party elected officials and Planned Parenthood employees as he made the announcement and signed the order at the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh.


      • I just ask the ones of you that support abortion without any limitations, how do you not find in your soul no pitty or mercy for that innocent small human being struggling through a horrible death by the hands of so-called medical care professionals that are now calling this reproductive health care? The MOB that protest for these reproductive rights have been seen 8 or 9 months pregnant with the words written on thier pregnant belly “IT’S NOT A PERSON YET”. Society members that are against this Abortion Mill Democrat Party have every right to worry that another holocaust that could make Hitler’s Holocaust of World War 2 look as hunane? We are seeing the dark hate of these mobs that are protesting for a woman’s reproductive healthcare and do any of you people that support these abortion rights really think these protesters look as if they have any humane pitty for a unborn child?

  1. An executive order to ensure state workers are under his control? In matters like these, it is entirely under the control and right of every individual. Get rid of him!

    • The executive order does not ensure that “state workers are under his control”.

      From the article:

      “Executive Order 263, released July 6, would apply only to Cabinet agencies under the governor’s authority. It would not apply to other state agencies, such as those controlled by the elected members of the Council of State, the General Assembly, state courts, or local governments.”

  2. Thank you Governor, Women are smart enough to make their own decisions. That decision is between they do not take likely and it’s also between them and their religious beliefs. Women don’t need some hippocratic Christian, (judge not) R/W old white Men politician dictating to them what they should do just because they want to be elected. These are the same people that don’t want to raise taxes or provide health care to the children that the supposedly save. Maybe we should pass a law that outlaws Viagra for old white men and requires vasectomies for Christian hypocrites and see how they feel about others making decisions for them. On another point we need to outlaw tax free exemptions for PAC’s and Churches. I know I know I’m going to hear from the JoCo nut cases but it’s time someone calls you out. The bible says people behave free will and to love thy neighbor, if you’re a real Christian you’re not supposed to pick and choose what you want to believe from the Bible to make some political point. Look yourselves in the mirror you are part of the PROBLEM, you made a deal with the Devil and you will be judged for that you can’t be half a Christian.

    • I am not a Christian hypocrite, but want you to know we are not judging you or any mother that does not want a child. We just want what is best for the child that did not choose to come into this world, I am sorry you feel that it violates women’s rights to their body, but someone must stand up and say not allowing a baby to live is not your right. You do have free will, but you must also realize an infant growing inside a mother must have some rights as well, even if they can not verbalize it yet.

    • Free Will, you can justify all you want. Murder is murder. Evil is Evil. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong. Ice cream is Cold and Hell is Hot. If you don’t know the difference, don’t worry you will.

  3. anti-life governor has destroyed businesses, marched with domestic terrorists, issued EOs telling Sheriffs to NOT cooperate with ICE, and failed to protect the interests of We the People of North Carolina ensuring we have fair elections….now let’s just keep on killing babies? God help us.

  4. A question; how can a person have any rights at all if they don’t have the right to live?

  5. Coordinated slaughter. The only thing Cooper is missing is a brown shirt with the swastika armband.

  6. Must Kill Babies!
    Must Kill Babies!!

    I am not even 100% against abortion in certain situations but the absolute Glee the left takes in Murder of the innocent babies is unbelievable to me. Cooper and his ilk (and anyone voting for this Evil) are beyond belief.

  7. If it wasn’t for the Abortion Mills that operates 24-7 that are government funded with our tax dollars the Democrats honestly don’t have any thing to run on in thier sick world. Here why they are so h*ll bent at protecting these Abortion Mills, all those billions of dollars that the government ooors into these Abortion Mills are the rerouted by thier personel into the Abortion Mill Democrat Party. Just think folks how these liberals want to protect every species on earth other than a fully developed baby that is indefensible. Folks think about this, just how much more inhumane can our so-called modern society become?

    • ” … all those billions of dollars that the government ooors into these Abortion Mills … ”

      Where did you find this number (billions of dollars) in the budget? Is it out of the Federal HHS budget? Thanks for sharing your research.

      • NC Gal whatever you say baby murderers. You should take the NC out of your name, you don’t represent us

        • Federal funds (such as Medicaid) cannot be used to pay for abortion services.

          The article you have provided the link to does not address this fact.

        • As usual Captain, the article you posted does not state that 1.8 Billion was used to pay for abortion. It states that the money was given to Planned Parenthood. It’s obvious that you only hear or read what you want to hear. PP provides many health services for expecting mothers like prenatal vitamins, access to health care education etc. So before you state only what you want to hear but the hole thing into the real context.

          • A: that’s only over a period of 3 years. Multiply that over decade of funding.
            B: planned parenthood most definitely provides abortions services.
            C: Answer this question, if a person doesn’t have a right to live, how can they have any rights at all?

    • If we outlawed Viagra for Old White Men (politicians) then maybe they’d keep their political ambitions out of a woman’s womb

  8. Where are the executive orders allowing mothers to claim their unborn fetus as a dependent on their NC tax return? Or forcing fathers to pay child support for an unborn fetus? Or allowing an unborn fetus to allow mothers to drive in the HOV lanes around Charlotte?

  9. Anyone who chooses to abort a living being will face God’s judgement, we don’t have to. We do have the power through our voting though to get this moron of a governor out of office and all his cronies in the NC Government with him. Wake up fellow Christians. Stand on God’s word! Save these innocent children from being murdered….

  10. Let’s have these laws and resources in place before NC declares all abortions as illegal:

    1. DNA testing of all newborns so their biological father is ALWAYS legally responsible for child support.
    2. Laws providing free healthcare for ALL children who are born, including labor and delivery costs.
    3. Laws providing free/subsidized daycare for all children.
    4. Free/subsidized pre-school and kindergarten.
    5. Enhanced SNAP benefits for poor children.

    And we should be working on solutions to reduce maternal mortality and fix the failed foster care system.

    • A simpler solution would be to follow and enforce God’s law by making it illegal for a male and female to have a child out of wedlock.

          • If a child is born out of wedlock and is deemed illegal than what should happen according to God’s law?

          • God’s law says when a child is born out of wedlock, the parents should repent for committing adultery, turn from their ways and sin no more. They should take care of the child. People should be glad they repented and turned to the Lord. God will forgive their sin and expects others to do the same. God only judges unforgiven sin, and we are so thankful that by His mercy He forgives, because we are all sinners and need His mercy.

    • NcGal, miss I want everything for free… why not renounce your US Citizenship and go live in a communist country where you can belong. is this the kind of crap they are teaching in schools today? Good Grief.

  11. Let’s see..” Thou shall not kill” AND states have laws about killing BUT it’s now OK by the Governor??

  12. I wonder why those who are against a woman’s right to her own body aren’t more vocal about violence against women? I wonder why they aren’t focusing on educating parents, protecting children from abuse, rape, neglect, and harm? I wonder why they think God holds only the opinions they hold? I wonder why they threaten eternities in hell to those who want a choice in what happens to their bodies? I wonder why they assume every woman who has an abortion finds the choice easy? I wonder why they think someone else’s choice is any of their business, or the business of the government?

    • Most are vocal about violence against women. Many are adamant about education and protection of children. They hold their opinions because they agree with God’s opinion. They discern evil and do their best to stop it and desire people to turn from their ways but know that God is the only judge where salvation is concerned. They are acutely aware that it is hard for a woman to endure that her “choice” results in murder, and the guilt she must live with afterward. Murder is the business of all, especially God, and He is mocked by calling it “choice”.

      • Carl that’s your opinion, though you may believe that your God is the only God. However your religion is not the only religion and the 1st amendment protects religion and that means all religions not just yours. Other religions have different or opposing beliefs which are also protected by the 1st amendment. You can’t pick and choose which religions you believe are protected by the 1st amendment because they all are.

      • “Truth is Truth” and referencing “God’s opinion” are problematic. One person’s sanctuary can be another person’s prison. One person’s truth can be another’s experience of gaslighting. Belief that humans can fully know (any) God’s opinions is arrogant and condescending. Arrogance and condescention rarely solve problems. If you are against abortion, don’t get one. As for murder, who will go on trial for coat hanger abortions?

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