Disabled Motorist Fatally Struck By Tractor Trailer

FOUR OAKS – A Johnston County man was killed early Friday morning after his disabled car was struck on the shoulder of Interstate 95.

The collision was reported at 4:57am, near the 86 mile marker, just south of Keen Road.

The Highway Patrol said a 2005 Kia Rio was traveling northbound when the right rear tire failed. The driver, Dannie B. Norris Jr., age 53, of Norris Lane, Benson, pulled onto the shoulder and stopped. The Kia was stationary on the shoulder with no lights on and the keys out of the ignition.

A tow truck operator prepared this 2022 Volvo for towing from the accident scene.

Troopers said a 2022 Volvo tractor trailer headed northbound in the right lane drifted onto the right shoulder and struck the Kia, killing Norris who was sitting in the driver seat.

The operator of the tractor trailer, Horouna Toure, age 43, of St. Darby, Pennsylvania was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to maintain lane control.

Authorities said speed was not a factor but inattention was a contributing factor.

Both northbound lanes of I-95 reopened at 8:37am.


  1. This is very very sad because Danny Jr would help anyone who needed it. He had a good heart for people. I can see him now being frustrated. He was the kind of person who seemed to never get a break in life.

  2. Exactly what is “misdemeanor death “? He wasn’t paying attention and killed someone. Doesn’t sound like a misdemeanor to me. When you get behind the wheel you better be paying attention

  3. That stretch of 95 is deadly. I’d like to know how many people have died from Smithfield to Benson on 95 in the past 20 years. With this wreck I think the time is a factor. That early in the morning I imagine the truck driver was sleepy. How long was he driving on the shoulder I wonder. Being sleepy has caused a lot of wrecks on that stretch. Stay alert out there people.

  4. We are struggling to cope with our loss. Dannie was loved by his family and friends. It’s hard to express the heartbreak and sorrow we feel, but we, his loved ones, truly appreciate your expressions of condolence and support. Thank you for caring and please keep praying for us as we lean on the Lord to carry us through this difficult time.

  5. The truck driver was most likely driving tired or possibly had a medical issue but it’s no excuse and that is why he was charged with vehicular homicide.

  6. And fyi, news people, Danny’s car had his 4 way flashers on and working before the accident. One of my coworkers saw the accident happen and was the one who called 911 as soon as it happened. This doesn’t change what happened and it will not bring Danny back but the family needs to know what really happened that morning.

    • This is most definitely a wrongful death, the driver of the tractor trailer should be made to do hard time for this also the family of the victim should definitely file a wrongful death suit against him .this is wrong all the way around and I feel as he should have been charged with murder he fell asleep driving the eighteen wheeler it’s murder!!!!! JUSTICE FOR DANNIE 🙏😞

  7. That driver of the truck is from another state and should be held in jail until his court date without a bond he is subject to flee and can’t find him smh if he was drifting to the shoulder of the Rd he was asleep while behind the wheel and he should have been charged with a felony not misdemeanor.praying for Mr Norris family God will see to it that justice will rightfully be served

  8. Danny was a great person and didn’t deserve this. I pray for his parents and friends.

  9. Dannie was my daughter’s god father and we all loved him like he was family 😭💔 we all gonna miss you Dannie you were a kind person I know without a doubt that you’re in heaven 😇 continue to watch over us our protector as you always have God bless you sweetie, prayers and condolences to the family 🙏

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