DOT Increases Speed Limit On Section Of US 70

Drivers traveling on US 70 through Johnston County can now go a little faster on one section of the highway.

The NC Department of Transportation has increased the speed limit from a section near Clayton to Pine Level from 55mph to 60mph.  The new speed limit went into effect last week when new speed limit signs were installed.

The speed limit was increased from the US 70 Business/Bypass interchange near Clayton eastward, including the Selma Bypass, to US 70 Business near Pine Level, according to Andrew Barksdale, Public Relations Officer for the NC DOT.

Officials said the decision was made after highway engineers determined the segment was “a partially controlled access highway with limited driveway access points” and the higher speed limit should help with traffic flow.

The speed limit on other sections of US 70 in Johnston County was not changed, including the US 70 Clayton Bypass where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour.

Photos by John Payne