Driver Sought In Fatal Johnston County Hit And Run Accident

Photo by John Payne

WILSON’S MILLS – The State Highway Patrol is searching for a driver involved in a fatal hit and run accident in Johnston County. The accident was reported at 1:26am Friday on US Highway 70 near Uzzle Industrial Drive near Wilson’s Mills.

Hector Rodriguez Havana, age 39, of Clayton was found dead in the westbound travel lane of US 70 next to the white work van he had been driving. The driver’s door to the van was open, and the engine was still running. For unknown reasons, Havana was lying in the middle of the right travel lane, next to his van, when he was run over and killed.

Photo by John Payne

The hit and run vehicle did not stop at the scene. There was no damage to the victim’s van.

Troopers would like to speak with any possible witnesses to the Aug. 25 accident, as they work to identify the hit and run driver and the vehicle they were operating.

Photo by John Payne

If you have any information that could help the Highway Patrol, contact the Smithfield District Office at 919-934-2186. Callers may remain anonymous.


  1. They could probably use geofencing “tech” to compile a list of suspects. They don’t even have to get a warrant, they can just purchase the data directly from the ad companies! A private citizen could do it!

    RIP and my condolences to family and friends. I hope they catch who did it.

  2. I hope they catch the person that hit and killed this man. I will never understand how a person can take another person’s life and keep going. I would even stop for a deer. Why the man was in lying in the road I don’t understand but I hope he R.I.P.

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