DWI Charges Filed In Serious Crash

The driver of an SUV who was seriously injured in a crash on a rural Johnston County roadway last week has now been charged with driving while impaired.

On January 2nd, state troopers said Leonardo Cruz Ponce, 56, of Zebulon was traveling southbound on County Line Road off Highway 39 near the Wake County line when his 2005 Chevy crossed the centerline and ran off the roadway in a curve, struck a small ditch and overturned several times on the side of the roadway.

Ponce had to be extricated from his SUV before being rushed to Wake Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries.

According to the Highway Patrol, Ponce was speeding at the time of the crash and not wearing a seat belt.

Trooper J.D. Perdue has now charged Ponce with driving while impaired, driving without a license, failure to maintain lane control and a seat belt violation.   



  1. This is happening at an alarming rate! Most of the dwi offenders are hispanic males, and so many without a license. Something needs to be done asap! This is happening in OUR community people, not on tv! Build the wall now!!!

      • You’re an idiot. IF these immigrants were here legally, chances are they would obtain a license before driving. The ones here illegally don’t have any regard for our laws- hence “illegal immigrant”. Things are very different in Mexico, laws and values, etc.
        If you were smart enough to do some research, you’d really be shocked at the amount of crimes-murders, child rapes, drunk driving fatalities, etc that are being committed by illegal immigrants in the U.S. It’s about protecting our citizens, you know, with laws and stuff;)
        But I don’t expect a dumbocrat to agree- all these illegals are votes for your evil party, and that’s all you really care about! Wake up blind sheep!

      • Oh one more thing. Your beloved criminal politician Hillary voted for a border wall in 2006. Maybe you should learn to read so you can be up to date on real facts?

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