Efforts Continue To Increase Gas Distribution

Governor Roy Cooper and officials at North Carolina Emergency Management continue to monitor the effects of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown on gas supply in North Carolina, remaining in close contact with Federal officials, and representatives in the petroleum industry.

“Now that Colonial has restarted pipeline operations, we will see a gradually increasing return to normal conditions that will take several days,” said Governor Cooper. “There is available fuel supply in and around our state, and it will take time for tankers to move that supply to the stations that are experiencing shortages.”

Also today, the Internal Revenue Service announced it would waive penalties when dyed diesel fuel is sold for use or used on the highway in the States of Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. This action will allow for expanded fuel sources in impacted areas until the supply chain returns to normal. The North Carolina Department of Revenue is also waiving similar state penalties.

State officials cautioned residents to avoid purchasing gas unless they absolutely need it, and to avoid unnecessary trips until the fuel supply chain returns to normal.

Governor Cooper declared a state of emergency Monday to temporarily waive registration, size and weight, hours of service and fuel tax requirements for trucks delivering fuel supplies.

“Most local governments have their own fuel supplies for emergency and public safety vehicles,” said Emergency Management Director Mike Sprayberry. “Some are tapping into contracts with emergency fuel suppliers, if their normal fuel sources run dry.”  

Most local jurisdictions have enacted fuel plans focused on continuity of public safety and essential government services. Many government agencies are limiting non-essential travel until the situation stabilizes.

The State Emergency Response Team is continuing contingency planning to maintain essential government services and public safety as the fuel supply stabilizes.


    • Spot on. So far, with the deliveries I made this week, it has been crazy to say the least.

  1. Or is it another TRUMP induced shortage, resulting from his past lies and policies? Think about it!!!!

  2. Not any more idiotic than it’s the Dems fault. Why is it that it’s always someone else’s fault?

  3. “…State officials cautioned residents to avoid purchasing gas unless they absolutely need it, and to avoid unnecessary trips …”

    Da*n Socialists always trying to run out lives and tell us what to (and not to) do. I’ll buy whatever I want whenever I want and go wherever I want. That’s the American way!

  4. Colonial paid the ransom and Biden did absolutely nothing between naps. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  5. Don’t worry, people. Colonial paid the ransom and Biden didn’t have to wake up to do anything. The wrong message was sent.

    • Not sure what you mean… Colonial is a private company… no need for the d*mn government to get involved at all! Keep sleeping Biden! We conservative Americans prefer LESS government involvement… if you want more government oversight and involvement, you’re in the wrong country!

      • Apparently, my attempt at sarcasm is lost on some. No fan of Biden or any Democrat for that matter. The fact that a major corporation paid the ransom will embolden cyber terrorists. Couple THAT and this Green New Deal crap, you have a recipe for disaster.

        • So, you want MORE government regulations to control what PRIVATE companies can and can’t do?!?! No thank you. I value my freedom and independence. If you don’t like how Colonial Pipeline handled the situation, don’t buy gas from their pipeline! That’s your right as a FREE American!

          • Okay, Mark. How would’ve you handled the situation? If you were President, would you sit idly by while a major corporation involved in our infrastructure was held hostage?
            I haul fuel out of Selma and let me tell you that the inaction and lip service by the clown at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave did not help. It wasn’t just what the hackers did, but also the chaos they caused in the market. Want to cripple a country? Attack their economy.

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