UPDATE: Vehicle Stolen During Four Oaks Carjacking Recovered

Photo by John Payne

UPDATE (9:00PM June 28): The vehicle stolen during the carjacking was recovered Friday evening in Wake County. Four Oaks Police said additional information would be released as soon as possible.

FOUR OAKS – Law enforcement authorities are searching for a vehicle stolen during an armed carjacking. It happened around 5:00pm today (Thursday) at Speedway on US 301 near Keen Road in Four Oaks.

A 77 year-old woman and her 82 year-old husband were leaving the Speedway parking lot when an unknown male pointed a pistol at the male victim and demanded the keys to his car.

The elderly victim complied and handed over the keys to his 2016 Kia.

Before the gunman fled with the vehicle, the woman begged the man to leave their small dog that was in the car. The man left the dog before speeding away on US 301 towards Smithfield.

The victim begged the suspect to leave their small dog before taking the car. The suspect left the dog with the couple. Photo by John Payne

Four Oaks Police and the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office searched the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

No injuries were reported.

This story has been updated.


  1. Sad when this level of crime comes this close to home. I hope that the couple are OK and that the perp gets a few years to think about the direction his life is going in.

  2. What is it with the sagging pants?
    Thankful the dog and couple were left unharmed physically.
    Preying on the weak. Hope the suspect gets caught and beat up.

  3. @jocoproud what does sagging pants had to do with anything. You ***** ******** gets on my f**kin nerves

  4. The sad part is this loser had to prey on an elderly couple. I guarantee he wouldn’t try this with someone his own age. What a punk.

  5. Well if the police officers in Four Oaks would patrol that area instead of hanging out at the store on 701 this might not have happened.

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