Former West Johnston High Teacher Charged With Statutory Rape

BENSON – A former teacher at West Johnston High School has been charged with statutory rape of a child, sex act with a student, and indecent liberties with a child.

Amanda Jane Doll, age 37, of Clayton was arrested September 2nd by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office. She resigned the same day from Johnston County Public Schools.

The sheriff’s office alleges Doll had an inappropriate relationship with a 15 year-old student at the school.

School officials said Amanda Doll was hired as a substitute teacher in May 2021 and was employed as an English teacher at West Johnston High from August 2021 to September 2, 2022, when she resigned.

Doll made her first court appearance Tuesday. She remains in the Johnston County Jail.


  1. All of you parents and taxpayers are thinking the same thing, why wasn’t the whispers and the rumors of these actions ever addressed and these children protected before the authorities had to move in on her? That’s the way this JCPS system has to submit and overlook the whispers and rumors without a internal investigation. When these National Teachers Union School Board has millions of dollars go missing and having thier own words on tape saying “HIDE THE MONEY” how does these powers to be act in the best of the children interest and step up and ask questions? They can’t, if they did they would had been reminded that they to have whispers and rumors that could be uncovered should they start nosing around where they shouldn’t. So parents this is why I ask do you really think your child will be protected or will the administration be protected?

    • Terry, you are absolutely out of your mind and talking completely out of your butt. The crime was committed over the summer, since you’re pretty slow that means school wasn’t in session, but don’t let that stop you from spewing your completely insane word vomit about a situation you know nothing about,

    • Terry over here always sharing false garbage as usual. SMH. Facts are NOT important to some it seems as long as they are party loyalists. Pathetic.

  2. This is what happens when you normalize pedophilia in the country. The left wing lunatics are working their way into all of the child institutions to prey on children which in turn will create new pedophiles. Satanism at its best. Parents better fight at the voting booth this year or else no child will be safe from pedophiles and mass indoctrination.

    • Satanist do not hurt children. It’s one of their rules. Much like the 10 commandments in Christianity. It’s unfair to say especially since people in the Christian church are blamed for being pedophiles often.

  3. Pretty much all our problems or rumors get started by mr terrybarnes maybe she needs to find a new place to live and lie

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