Hit And Run Driver Strikes Same Vehicle Twice

A motorist traveling in Smithfield was hit not once, but twice by the same hit and run vehicle.  Police are looking for the driver who sped away from the scene of the two collisions.

The first accident was reported at 8:25 AM Monday on South Sixth Street near the intersection of Market Street in Downtown Smithfield.  John Winjum of Angier said he was operating a 2007 Infiniti and approaching the intersection when he was struck from behind by a Jaguar passenger car.  The operator of the Jaguar drove away and Winjum began following the hit and run vehicle.

Winjum told police he followed the vehicle down several side streets until the suspect eventually stopped. The suspect told the victim the Jaguar was having brake issues and asked Winjum to follow him home to discuss the accident and damages.  As they were leaving, the suspect backed into Winjum’s car as he hurriedly left the scene. Winjum quickly lost sight of the vehicle. He returned to where the first accident occurred and called police.

The Infiniti sustained $3,000 in damage in the first hit and run collision. The second accident caused an additional $500 in damage, according to Smithfield Police accident reports.

At last report the hit and run driver hasn’t been located.