Incumbent Unseated In New Election

In a race closely followed in the Town of Benson, Curtis Dean McLamb unseated incumbent town commissioner John R. Bonner on Tuesday.

In January, the NC State Board of Elections ordered a new election for the District 2 seat.

McLamb filed a protest with the Johnston County Board of Elections last November after losing to the incumbent.

At issue last Fall were 25 Benson voters who should have received a ballot in District 2 but instead were given a ballot for another precinct, and 12 voters who received a District 2 ballot but shouldn’t have.

Those 37 votes were enough to make a difference in the race decided by just 7 votes – 85 to 78.

The state board ruled the new election would be held on March 15th, the date of the Primary Election.

In the new election, McLamb received 178 votes to Bonner’s 128, a 50 vote margin of victory.  McLamb will now join the Benson Town Board.