Kenly Truck Stop, Duke Energy Initiative To Save Truckers

More than 25,000 gallons of truck fuel is projected to be saved annually as part of a $300,000 Duke Energy project to fund electrification at a truck stop next to I-95 in Kenly.

Big Boy’s Truck Stop will soon have 24 truck electrification stations where drivers can pay to plug in and avoid idling engines. This will be an economical way to provide electricity and hot or cold air during overnight stays. Additionally, four plugs will provide standby power for refrigerated cargo to avoid the need to run diesel compressors.

“The economic and environmental aspects of the projects are terrific. It allows drivers to use technology to lower their own carbon footprint in the course of their daily work that benefits our environment,” said Melisa Johns, Duke Energy’s vice president, business development.

On an annual basis, the project should reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 500 tons and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 2 tons.

IdleAir, located in Knoxville, Tenn., will install and maintain the stations at Big Boy’s Truck Stop. They are expected to complete installation before this summer.

“This is a common sense feature that helps truckers get a cleaner, quieter night’s sleep, while saving them money and sparing the community from significant emissions,” said Mark Miller, president of Convoy Solutions, provider of IdleAir.

Each year, more than 2 billion gallons of diesel are wasted by overnight idling, according to a study from Argonne National Labs. Idling is the industry standard method of providing overnight comfort to the more than 1 million drivers who sleep in their trucks each night.

The family-owned Big Boy’s Truck Stop is located at 595 Bagley Road – off Interstate 95 at Exit 105.

“We’re eager to attract new drivers, and give all guests an alternative to idling,” said owner Walter Powell Jr. “This will help us be better neighbors in our community, which means a lot to our business.”

The Duke Energy program was part of a 2015 settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and environmental groups.

The IdleAir product and service allows truck drivers to turn off their diesel engines and APU’s and still enjoy heating, cooling, standard electric inside and outside the cab, Satellite TV, Internet, and many of the comforts of home — all while saving money and getting better sleep without the noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes from idling.


  1. Lol they have these things in California and a few other places and nobody uses these things. Why would we spend our own money when we can just idle on the companies dime?

  2. This has been done at many other truck stops and all have failed. Most truck drivers don’t make enough money to pay the hookup fees and the trucking companies sure ain’t about to pay for it.

    • I honestly didn’t even notice the word “pay” in the story. Wow… they make y’all pay for it yourselves? For some reason I was thinking it was something similar to solar powered hookups, which should be free since (as of now anyhow) sunlight is free. I guess give the government time and they will figure out a way to charge us for daylight! It’s not progress if it cost you guys money out of your own pocket. I am glad you and Tyler Pike spoke up about these things….. I honestly did not know they charged you guys – nor that if they did, that the companies would not reimburse you for it.

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