May 19-25 Proclaimed Emergency Medical Services Week

The week of May 19th – 25th has been proclaimed Emergency Medical Services Week in Johnston County.

County Commissioners issued the proclamation as a way to show the importance of emergency medical services as a vital public service.  EMS personnel are ready to provide lifesaving care to those in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Access to quality emergency care dramatically improves the survival and recovery rate of those who are injured or become ill.

“There are over 250 EMS providers in the county, working for Johnston County EMS, 50-210 EMS and Four Oaks EMS,” stated Josh Holloman, Deputy Director of Johnston County Emergency Services. “We also have firefighters and 911 dispatchers who are a critical part of the EMS System.  During the day there are 23 paramedic units, 3 system supervisors and a Battalion Chief.  After 9 PM our system goes to 18 paramedic units to adjust for call volume and make sure we are best utilizing resources.”

In 2018, EMS personnel responded to a total of 26,301 emergency calls and transported 17,839 patients to the hospital.  68% of all calls result in transport to a hospital. 71% of those transports were to Johnston Health in Smithfield or Clayton.

The average response time to an emergency call last year was 8 minutes 38 seconds.  The goal is to be under the rural standard of 12 minutes.

The Johnston County EMS Community Paramedic made 1,592 well visits. EMS crews stood by at 153 special events.

“Our EMS System has changed as Johnston County has grown, but we are proud of our EMTs and Paramedics who always put the patient first,” Holloman told JoCoReport. “We appreciate the support we receive from the citizens of Johnston County as well as the County Manager and the Board of Commissioners.”