Mayor: Boarded Up Doors And Windows An Eyesore

Cheryl-Oliver-FIBy: Katlyn Peedin

Selma Mayor Cheryl Oliver has voiced concerns about cracked storefront windows in the Historic Business District and boarded up doors and windows in residential areas.

Mayor Oliver told members of the Selma Town Council this month she would like to see an ordinance limiting the amount of time a resident or businessowner can have boarded up doors and windows. “I don’t want to live next to boarded up windows,” the Mayor said.

Oliver feels limiting the amount of time a business or home can remain boarded will not only enhance the beauty of Selma, but will also encourage owners of such buildings to remain involved with Selma.

The mayor also wants business owners to repair cracked windows in a timely manner.

The appearance issues could be discussed as soon as the August board meeting.