Middle School Student Charged With Felony

A 16 year-old middle school student is facing a felony charge following an altercation inside her school.

JoCoReport.com has learned the incident occurred on March 3rd at North Johnston Middle School in Micro but was not reported to law enforcement until March 7th.

Deja Maurice Allen, 16, of Selma is accused of engaging in an altercation with another student in a classroom.  During the altercation the students’ head was allegedly slammed into a desk.

Allen was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony conspiracy to commit assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor disorderly conduct. The other student involved is under age 16 and is facing charges in juvenile court.

Allen was released on a $500 bond.


    • There are quite a few like this. It is not that unusual. Many of these kids are kept in school and aren’t learning anything. They are very good at disrupting learning for others. We can’t let those graduation rates drop (note sarcasm), even if it means we are dumbing down ALL the kids!

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