Mule City 300 Returns To Galot

Their names are as colorful as the paint jobs that adorn them.

Dream On, MAC Nasty, Buckeye Hauler, Bone Twister, Triple Bypass and Extremely Armed and Dangerous are just a few of the high-powered trucks and tractors that will compete in this weekend’s Mule City 300 at the Galot Motorsports Park.

The Grand National Division of the National Tractor Pulling Association makes its fourth visit to the dirt arena that sits quietly near the end of the one-eighth mile drag strip most of the year.

Drivers pilot specialized machines that resemble farm tractors, trucks and dragsters as they battle for purse money and an end-of-season championship.

Using supercharged machines that pump plumes of diesel smoke into the air along with ear-piercing whines and wheels spinning, churning up the clay surface at wheel speeds of 100 mph, the machines showcase their horsepower as they attempt to drag a 20-ton sled with a sliding weight the length of the course.

Friday and Saturday night’s shows will feature competition in eight different classes as competitors vie not only for an NTPA title, but for the Rotella Cup as well.

The Rotella Cup is comprised of four events for Grand National Pullers in five classes. Drivers compete for over $30,000 in prize money.

Fans can see competitors in Super Stock Diesel, Super Stock Open, Super Farm and Pro Stock Tractors as well as two-wheel and four-wheel drive trucks and Mini and Unlimited Modified tractor classes.

Tractor pulling has been one of the mainstays of Galot Motorsports Park since owner Earl Wells revamped the old Benson- Dunn Drag Strip and turned it into what it is today, a highly-respected place for drag racing that has the feel of a national level venue.

Last Year’s Mule City 300 earned Mr. Wells and his track the 2016 Grand National Pull of The Year title from the NTPA.

During last year’s championship convention Mr. Wells showed his appreciation with humor by noting the large crowd that poured into his facility.

“I think just about everyone in this room was at our pull this year,” he joked “I hope everyone had a good time.”

Last year’s pull also helped start a championship run for Mr. Wells’ own race team. The GALOT II AGCO, driven by John Strickland, earned the 2016 Grand National Super Stock Open title. Story courtesy The Daily Record