NC County Pushes Back Against Corporate ‘Wokeness,’ Bans Coke Machines

By Andrew Dunn
Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — Surry County commissioners are pushing back against major corporations for what they describe as a “bigoted, left-wing divisive political agenda.”

The first step: Removing all Coca-Cola machines from government buildings. The Board of County Commissioners voted to remove roughly 12 of them from county property earlier this month.

“I don’t think that the taxpayers and citizens of this county want us to spend their money on anything that is associated with the social justice, woke, Critical Race Theory, intolerant, bigoted, Democrat mob that is so prevalent in our country today,” said commissioner Eddie Harris shortly before the vote. “It’s 12 drink machines. But you know what, it will send a little bitty message that we’re not going to take it here in Surry County, and you can take your Coke machines and take them back to the house.”

The board also plans to consider a measure that would prevent Surry County tax dollars from going to companies that participate in “cultural re-education” training policies or other left-wing partisan political activity. Companies would need to disclose any such affiliations before receiving money.

The vote to remove the Coke vending machines from county buildings passed 3-2. The second step will probably arise at a future meeting when the county budget is discussed.

“I am ready to take a stand,” said commissioner Van Tucker in supporting the latter measure. “I am tired of it. I am sick of this wokeness. It just about makes me want to throw up.” 

Coca-Cola is one of a growing number of major American corporations who have pushed Democratic Party talking points.

Most notably, the Atlanta-based soda maker publicly opposed a new Georgia voting law that made it harder to commit voter fraud. President Biden derided the law as “Jim Crow 2.0,” despite the fact that it increases early voting options.

In response, Major League Baseball decided to move its All-Star Game planned for Atlanta this summer to Colorado. The decision was reminiscent of the NBA’s cancellation of its All-Star Game in Charlotte in 2016 after North Carolina passed House Bill 2.

The Georgia law also included voter ID requirements. North Carolina has added voter ID requirements to its state constitution, though Democrats have sued to block its implementation.

Coca-Cola also promoted an employee training seminar in which participants were told to “try to be less white.”

In a letter sent to Coke executives, the Surry County commissioners criticized the company for its political activity while remaining silent on human rights abuses in countries like China.


  1. Removing Coke machines to send a message?!?! Sounds an awful lot like “Cancel Culture” run amock! Now these SOCIALIST county commissioners are going to try and tell me which soft drinks I can drink!?!

    • No, Mark. These democraticly elected officials are telling an openly racists organization to pound sand.

      I get the feeling these 12 machines are not the only places in Surry county where you can buy your racist drinks.

      You are free to buy your racist Woke-A-Cola drinks anywhere else they are served.

  2. The Surry County commissioners are not socialists. Trying to stand against the “woke” movement is a good thing. They are going about it the wrong way by using another bad movement we know as the “cancel” culture. Maybe they will see the light soon.

      • No their not hypocrites! They just want to be fair about everything. The election was rigged and the democrats know it. With coke going against a fair election and siding with Georgia means they think everything was done fair when we patriots know better. The election was rigged and the democrats are getting mad because it’s all coming out now. Had Biden won the election fair then everyone would be ok with it but we patriots are tired of those hypocrites thinking everything is suppose to be ok.

        # TRUMP2024.

        Way to go Surry County commissioners glad we have you all taking a stand for what is right. Continue to stand tall

  3. Maybe the county commissioners should be woke’d. All elected officials are hypocrites and I mean all. Were turning into a country run by communist.


    a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war

    That’s all our elected idiots want us to do is keep fighting amongst ourselves so they in their cronies can run off to the bank with all the money.

  4. The thing is regardless of your party affiliation if you drink coke… you will find it. It’s highly addictive and coke ppl do not like Pepsi. Coca-cola prohibition in full effect smugglers unite…

  5. Just so I understand…… the “Woke Culture” of Coke is bad, but the “Cancel Culture” demonstrated by these officials is good? #hypocrites

    • Again Mark, all you “this is cancel culture” people don’t understand cancel culture at all.

      The key tenant in cancel culture is a demand that ALL “ALLIES” MUST do the same and cancel said business, org, etc, or face punishment – i.e. being canceled yourself or labeled any one of lefts made up terms.

      Where in the article do the county commissioners demand that all “allies” (aka other county commissioners) follow suit or face punishment?

      • They do it by demanding I cannot drink Coke. They take away my choice. I do not like what Coke did by siding with “woke” movement, but I still like my drink.

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