New Superintendent Will Make $195,000 Per Year Plus Perks

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County Public Schools officially hired Dr. Eric Bracy as their new superintendent during a special called meeting Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Bracy, who has been superintendent of Sampson County Schools since 2014, will begin work in Johnston County on July 1, 2020.

Johnston County Report has obtained a copy of his 12 page contract. The four year contract ending on June 30, 2024 includes a starting salary of $195,000. He will be eligible to receive up to $20,000 in performance pay every 12 months if he meets “measurable goals for improvement” as specified by the school board.

Medical Coverage
The Board agreed to pay the full premium of his medical insurance coverage, including dental and vision, and his dependents under the state health plan. This will include his spouse if she is not eligible for a health insurance plan covered by her employer. The board will also deposit $200 each month into a flexible spending account for use by Dr. Bracy, his spouse, and his dependents as permitted by law.

Annual Annuity Payment
The Board also agreed to pay $10,000 per year to a tax-deferred annuity program of the Superintendent’s choosing upon completion of each 12 months of his contract.

The school board will pay the cost of membership for a reasonable number of professional or civic organizations as the Superintendent feels are important to maintain.

Relocation Expenses
Dr. Bracy will be paid a maximum of $10,000 in reimbursement costs for relocation expenses including any early termination fees for the lease of his residence in Sampson County and the cost of temporary housing in Johnston County.

Travel Costs
He will receive $500 per month as reimbursement for business travel within Johnston County. He will be reimbursed for any additional travel costs outside Johnston County, including mileage, upon submission of itemized expense statements.

Dr. Bracy agreed to have an annual medical exam paid for by the Board. Each October beginning in 2021, the Board will conduct his annual performance evaluation. A determination of whether he met goals for performance pay will be made as part of the evaluation.

Outside Employment
Dr. Bracy agreed not to accept outside employment that would interfere with the performance and responsibilities of his duties. However, the Board agreed to allow Dr. Bracy to teach or serve as an adjunct professor or in some other capacity at the college or university level on a part-time basis.

Additionally, Dr. Bracy may accept private consulting and speaking engagements and may accept appointments to foundations, boards, or commissions that do not interfere with his superintendent duties. He must take annual leave while performing private consulting during normal weekday work hours. He must also submit an annual written report to the Board by June 1st of each year listing all his outside employment from the previous year.

Termination / Resignation
In the event the school board wishes to dismiss Dr. Bracy, his severance pay will equal the salary he would have earned for the remaining time on his contract.

If the superintendent resigns, he must give the school board at least 60 days written notice.

Prior Superintendent
Dr. Bracy’s base salary of $195,000 is less than the starting pay of Dr. Ross Renfrow who received $215,022 when he was hired as superintendent in 2016.  Renfrow was also paid $10,000 per year for a retirement plan of his choice, plus in-county and out-of-county travel reimbursement.

Under Renfrow’s initial contract, if terminated, he would receive compensation equal to 2 years salary or the end date of his contract, whichever is sooner.

According to the average school superintendent salary in the United States is $162,150.