Over $250,000 In Items Taken During Business Break-In

SMITHFIELD – Smithfield police detectives are investigating an overnight burglary at a local business where more than $250,000 in items were stolen. The break-in was reported at the Sunglass Hut at 1205 Outlet Center Drive late-Saturday night or early-Sunday morning.

Police said someone broke into an adjacent business that had closed and had paper covering the storefront windows, which helped conceal their presence. The intruders disabled the alarm and camera systems at Sunglass Hut before cutting a hole in the wall to gain entry.

The company is still conducting an inventory but reported at least $250,000 in designer sunglasses had been stolen. Police also said an undisclosed amount of money was taken from the cash register.

Anyone with information about the break-in at the Sunglass Hut is asked to contact Smithfield Police at 919-934-2121 or the Police Tip Line at 919-989-8835. Callers may remain anonymous.


  1. The adjacent business owner is in NO WAY to blame for the criminals behavior. The fact that the paper on their windows was highlighted as a reason for their successful robbery is disgusting. She is working on the interior of her BRAND NEW business that has not even opened yet, and wishes it to be private until the final reveal. Your authenticity is diminishing with this kind of reporting.

    • Sounds personal. Unfortunately your apparent proximity to the issue seems to have clouded your judgement and reason. Nobody is blaming the next door business in anyway. It was simply pointed out that the thieves used it to their advantage. Neither is anybody saying it was the “reason” they robbed the store. It was an unfortunate factor which the thieves exploited. Nobody is blaming this business or the owner. No more than anybody would blame a homeowner if their fence provided cover for a robbery of his neighbor. It simply is what it is.

    • Why so triggered? No where did I see any statement in this article blaming the business that had paper covering their windows.
      But the paper did help conceal the thieves- that’s just a fact. Mannequins or displays could also conceal a B&E subject. The ones at fault are the ones that broke in, damaged the businesses, and stole. Period.

  2. This sounds like an inside job for sure. Someone familiar with sunglasses hut that could disable the alarm without sending an alarm notice to the alarm company. Also very planned in that they knew the other business was papered to allow for their actions (cutting a wall) to take place.

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