Parent, Teens Charged Following Large Underage Drinking, Marijuana Party

A Clayton mother has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors after a party at her home in the Glen Laurel community resulted in several teens being charged with underage drinking and various marijuana charges.

Neighbors called police last weekend and when officers arrived they reportedly found more than 30 teens in and around the home.  Several were cited at the scene. All had their parents called to pick them up.

Officers reported that a number of the teens were found in the driveway of the home smoking marijuana.

Mittie Karampelas, 51, of Waverly Drive in Clayton, was charged for knowingly causing, encouraging or aiding several underage juveniles to be in a place where alcohol and drugs were being used.  She was reportedly found asleep in her upstairs bedroom recovering from being sick, according to her son.

Jonathan-David-Karampelas-FIHer 18-year-old son Jonathan Karampelas was charged with underage alcohol consumption, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Houston Colson, 18 of Smithfield was charge with underage alcohol consumption. Cameron King, 18, of Clayton was charged with possession of marijuana and underage alcohol consumption.

Kevin Baron, 19, of Clayton was charged with underage alcohol consumption.  Gregory Smith, 19, of Zebulon was charged with underage alcohol consumption.

Town of Clayton spokesperson Stacy Beard said both Karampelas and her son were cooperative with the investigation and allowed a search of their home.  As to exactly where and how the teens obtained the beer and marijuana, police are still investigating.

Correction: (From Town of Clayton Public Information Office) The Town of Clayton Public Information Office incorrectly listed 18-year-old Donald Sugg of Smithfield as one of several charged in an incident last week. 17-year-old Jose Antunez of Middlesex was also incorrectly listed facing marijuana charges. Sugg was not charged.  Antunez was charged with underage drinking.

Sugg and Antunez were two of nearly 40 teens present at a party where underage drinking and drug use were occurring.  Multiple teens were charges as well as the owner of the home, a parent of one of the teens.  Parents of all of the teens were called and released to their parents’ custody.

These errors were reported to WTSB Radio by the Public Information Office and we sincerely apologize.
Updated: April 17, 2016 7:49pm