Ross Renfrow To Be Paid $75,000 Severance Under Newly Released Retirement Agreement

JoCoReport has obtained a copy of a four page retirement agreement signed Tuesday by Superintendent Dr. Ross Renfrow and School Board Chairman Mike Wooten.  Following a closed session Tuesday evening, the school board voted 7-to-0 to accept Dr. Renfrow’s retirement.  The resignation was effective today (Wednesday, Aug. 28th).

Under the agreement released to JoCoReport Wednesday afternoon following a Public Records Request, Dr. Renfrow and the school board agreed to resolve his employment with his retirement.   The agreement stated that Dr. Renfrow “freely and voluntarily” retired.

The board agreed to pay Dr. Renfrow a lump sum of $75,000 by September 26, 2019. The payment will come from the school system’s unassigned fund balance.  Renfrow will also be paid for all accrued and unused annual leave days, and longevity earned through the date of his resignation.

He will also be paid his full salary through the end of August 2019. His current health insurance coverage, including that of his dependents, will continue through at least September 25, 2019 or until the State Employee’s Retirement System of NC confirms his application has been approved and coverage begins under the Retirement System.

In return, Dr. Renfrow stipulates the agreement is a complete and final settlement of all claims against the Board of Education, present or former members, arising out of his employment or separation.

“Each current board member and Dr. Renfrow agree that he or she will not make any disparaging statements or comments, written or oral, about Dr. Renfrow or his actions or performance while he was employed by the Johnston County Board of Education. Likewise, Dr. Renfrow shall not make any disparaging statements or comments, written or oral, about the Board of any of the current Board members,” the agreement states.

Click Here To Read Dr. Renfrow’s Retirement Agreement

During the 2018-19 fiscal year, Dr. Renfrow was paid an annual salary of $223,189.68 or $18,599.14 per month.