Rouzer Hears From Healthcare Leaders During Roundtable Discussion

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) recently hosted a healthcare roundtable with doctors and community healthcare professionals to discuss the challenges facing our healthcare system.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we face many other challenges ahead on a number of fronts,” said Rep. Rouzer. “Health care is no exception. Because the federal government is significantly involved in this sector, Congress must understand the lessons learned from the experiences of our healthcare professionals if for no other reason than to keep from doing harm when Congress passes new laws or the executive branch issues new regulations.”

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“As with every sector of the economy, lack of workforce is the number one challenge. Doctors, nurses and support staff are in short supply — especially in more rural areas. I appreciate the ideas shared to help address this critical problem.”


  1. Same Rouzer that voted against Medicare expansion? Same Rouzer who voted to end ACA? Same Rouzer who accepted more than $180k in donations from lobbying groups who oppose healthcare expansion? #Hypocrite

    • Yep. Can’t understand why they want people to suffer. Universal or United Health Care works well for many of my friends who live in other counties. It has always been known that the US can do it, but won’t do it because of the deep pockets lined on both sides of the aisle, by the pharmaceutical industry, the tobacco industry, and many other lobbyists that don’t want to see it happen under any circumstances. I remember an article that was either on here or in the old Smithfield Herald, without the past decade so believe, written by a traveling nurse. She was taken aback about the number of people here in JoCo who had diabetes and thought it completely normal that they would lose a leg or toes or more. That should only happen when your disease is not under control. These patients thought it was the norm, as they had seen their parents or other family member or friends even, have amputations all their lives so that is what diabetes did to one. It starts with better education, which starts with being able to see a competent doctor regularly. Being able to get to a doctor was an issue for many, so that needed to be addressed as well. It was a truly heartbreaking and eye opening article for me to read – and her to write. I am sure this is not the only disease that needs to be addressed in this county. Addiction comes to mind now more than ever. Obesity is an issues if you look around. Heart disease. Still making tobacco king is a mistake and costs so many people their lives each year. Legal alcohol …. another thing so have a personal issue with- ruins more lives as well. Kills how many people each year? Of course no one health care system can address all this. It will take a multitude of systems working closely together to get us healthy. The US is the only county that I know of that has anyone filing for bankruptcy due to medical bills – y’all aware of that? Despicable.

      • Agreed that the healthcare system is broken. I finally retired from working in the system because I could no longer deal with the lack of prevention. The insurance companies and pharmaceuticals took over many years ago and removed prevention then told us rehab professionals how long it would take to get our patients better instead of us being able to decide. Everything became insurance and reimbursement based so healthcare professionals could no longer do their job well. This occurred in outpatient, inpatient and skilled nursing settings. The change started in the late 90s and has been getting worse each year.

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