School Board Contracts HVAC Filter Replacement

Johnston County Public Schools will utilize a contractor to replace HVAC filters at schools and school facilities in the county. Maintenance workers typically change the air filters three to four times per year. 

Officials said it requires the work of two full-time employees, a vehicle and the purchase of approximately 8500 filters annually.

The estimated in house cost is $161,998.70 for salaries, a vehicle and filter purchases. Officials said by contracting out the service work they can save over $60,000 annually.

The school board voted to award a three year contract to FSI Mechanical to perform the work at an annual cost of $101,169. The contract was reviewed by attorney Rod Malone and JCPS Finance Director Stephen Britt before unanimous approval by the board.


  1. I know it is wishful thinking, I do wish when enough of school board member’s seats have flipped that the controlling majority would run a vendor’s report and simply look at the vendor’s that that have been added in the last 5 to 7 years and notice to how new these businesses have been created? Then do a little digging as to who are listed as controlling interests of these newly formed businesses that have been awarded contracts from the Johnston County Public School System? This thing could be a local slush fund of hundreds of millions of dollars folks? Remember when Ron-Jon outed $180-K-Carrolls closed door meetings to award our old school superintendent Dr. Parker his $180,000.00 contract before it was made public and died? Not only how we had another School Board Member Tracie Zukowski working by day selling her company’s solfware to the Johnston County Schools by day and a School Board Member by night? Now just think for a moment about these being the ones that kind of were lost control of and eventually leaked out to the public that we do know about. When we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars does it make you feel thats what could have motivated other board members going after Ronald Johnson with such a vengeance? All these members that are pillars of the community has to do is demand a open forensic audit and let the sunshine in! Unfortunately we have a school board that feels that the Johnston County Tax Payers have no right of ever knowing the truth even when we do vote to fund our children educational needs here in Johnston County?

  2. I have a legitimate question. Currently there are 10 pages of job openings within Johnston county schools. I realize some have not been removed but that’s an awful lot of positions. What will be done with the budgeted money for those positions if they are not filled. It seems they keep asking for more but jobs are left up filled.

  3. Hmm, one would think this simple task could/would be handled by the custodians at each school. But I’m sure that would require the school board to meet for a closed door special session, the need to hire an outside consulting firm, and then create a new position for someone to train and certify all custodians. The starting salary for this critical new position would have to be the JCPS standard of six figures and only direct friends and/or family of board members would qualify. But luckily we have JCPS officials like these on the job thinking outside the box to cut out wasteful spending.

  4. Mr. Thomas D.Trane have you ever watched the movie “Bad Education” based off of a true story? Mr. Thomas D. Trane if you have not watched this movie I have attached a link of a preview to this movie and ask only you watch this movie and replace some of the characters of this movie with some of our elected leaders. Then open your mind?

  5. +Seems like a simple task for a custodian to change the filters a couple times a year. However, I don’t know the daily responsibilities of the custodians? I am sure that is a simple job description available for the public to view? That being said, I would hope that this could or is already posted in plain view of the tax payers.

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