School Board OKs $995,000 Bleacher Contract

A contract has been awarded for bleacher repair and replacement work.  The Johnston County Board of Education approved a $995,000 contract this month with Muter Construction to replace the home bleachers at Princeton Middle/High and South Johnston High. 

Visitor bleachers at Princeton Middle/High and Smithfield-Selma High will require repairs and updates. The project at those schools will include ADA access and seating additions as well as sandblasting and painting work.

The school board voted unanimously to award the bid.


  1. Does anyone know if our old superintendent Dr. Parker has come by and picked up his paycheck for the $180,000.00 that was discussed in the closed door meeting that $180-K-Carroll made the motion to have?

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      If a wannabe funny TV show’s opinion sways your decision making, you’re a weak minded person.

  3. Whoever is over this needs to look at the bleachers at SSS home side. The guest side has been replace two times as i can remember and the home side never! They are horrible!

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    • “Comedy” is very subjective. Plus, if being made fun by a wannabe comedy show influences your opinion then you’re a weak person.

  5. Really ? A $ 1,000,000.00 for bleachers ! They just keep pissing $$ away ! The incompetence never ceases to amaze me !

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