Sheriff’s Office Donates Patrol Car To Micro Police

(Right to left): Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell, Micro Police Chief T.M. Jones, County Commissioner Ted Godwin, Sheriff’s Office Fleet Services Manager Larry Braswell, Chief Deputy Bengie Gaddis stand in front of a 2019 Dodge Charger donated by the Sheriff’s Office to the Micro Police Department. The Johnston County Report Photo

MICRO – The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has donated a used patrol car to the Micro Police Department.  The official presentation was made Wednesday at the Micro Town Hall.

Sheriff Steve Bizzell said he recently learned from Police Chief T.M. Jones the department was having issues with one of two patrol cars.  The patrol car, a 2016 Dodge Charger, has been out of service for a period of time.  Their only other car, a 2013 Chevrolet Impala is not as reliable as it once was.  Chief Jones, one other full-time officer, and their part-time officers must use the Impala when they are on duty and hope it doesn’t break down.

Following unanimous approval from Johnston County Commissioners, Sheriff Bizzell donated a used and unmarked 2019 Dodge Charger with 68,218 miles to the Micro Police Department.  The car was also equipped with a used light bar. The sheriff even had his fleet service division change the oil before Wednesday’s delivery.

This used 2019 Dodge Charger was donated July 21, 2021 by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office to the Micro Police Department. The Johnston County Report Photo

“It’s refreshing to see the cooperation between government entities in the county,” said Johnston County Commissioner Ted Godwin. “It’s nice to be able to see one department share resources another department can use.  Micro just couldn’t afford it.”

“I want to thank the County Commissioners, especially Commissioner Godwin for making this a reality today,” Sheriff Bizzell said while also thanking his Fleet Service Manager Larry Braswell for getting the used patrol car ready for the Town of Micro. 

Chief Jones said, “It means a lot to myself and the other full time officer. The vehicle will assist the Town of Micro in a law enforcement capacity.  We are appreciative of the County, County Commissioners, Sheriff, Town Commissioners and Mayor for making it happen.”

Once Micro Police decals are added, the patrol car will be immediately placed into service.


  1. That’s really nice to see. I hope that car can be put to good use in Micro. This is definitely the kind of news I like to hear.

  2. Best news I’ve heard all day! This was very thoughtful for the County to do this for Micro Police Dept.

  3. I want to thank Ted Godwin and the other commission and sheriff Bizzell for helping the town of Micro out. This will really help the citizens of Micro. Thanks again

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