SHP: Teen Driver Accused Of Using Blue Lights

Photo by John Payne

JOHNSTON COUNTY – A driver reportedly displaying blue lights from the visor of his pickup truck was reported by an IMAP unit driving east on Interstate 40 near the Johnston-Wake County line, Thursday morning. They were able to obtain the license plate number on the pickup.

Law enforcement officers from Johnston, Harnett and Sampson counties were alerted and attempted to locate the silver colored Toyota pickup truck with the blue lights in the front window.

The driver was able to continue through the area on I-95 and drove as far as Cumberland County, allegedly using the flashing blue lights to move traffic out of his way, according to authorities.

A Johnston County trooper was able to contact the vehicle owner who said the truck was being driven by their teenage son who was on his way to Georgia, authorities said.

Photo by John Payne

The Highway Patrol was then able to contact the young driver who reportedly admitted to having a blue light in his possession and agreed to turn it over to troopers. The 18 year-old driver returned to Benson for a meeting with a State Trooper. He was cited for possession of a blue light. The blue light was seized.

The suspect reportedly claimed that he did not know displaying blue lights was illegal.

Possessing blue lights in NC is a misdemeanor crime. Displaying flashing blue lights is a felony crime.

Due to his cooperation and willingness to drive back to Johnston County, the teen was only issued a misdemeanor citation.


  1. I see drives with blue lights ALL the time. Blue LED fog lights and even headlights. Police need to stop these people because of safety for one and more so – people become “visually immune” to seeing blue lights. Flashing or not, Blue lights only belong on a police vehicle.

  2. “claimed that he did not know displaying blue lights was illegal”

    C’mon, give me a break. May as well add “lying” to the charges! Makes me wonder who the kid’s father is!

  3. The boy KNEW what he was doing was ILLEGAL. He should have been charged with a FELONY. Stop letting people get away with crimes!! Our criminal justice system needs an overhaul – starting with the JUDGES and ATTORNEYS. Stop letting folks off the hook – they just get bolder and become menaces to society.

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